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18 Oktober 2018

Aptis project elevates MCG in the production of floors for trains and buses

Alstom’s first 100% electric bus Aptis is a revolutionary project that integrates into its core structure a component created entirely by MCG mind for metal. It is an integral structural floor developed by MCG transportation that raises the company’s capacities in the production of floors for trains and buses.


Presented with outstanding honors at InnoTrans 2018 trade show in Berlin last September, MCG’s contribution to this project consists of an advanced pavement that is part of the main resistant structure of the electric bus (without subframe).


The component is produced at MCG facilities in Carregado as a single piece with a length of more than eight meters, which is only possible due to MCG transportation’s recognized development and engineering capabilities. This MCG production unit stands out on a worldwide scale for its specialization in large panels.


Floor systems for trains and buses


Alstom Aptis is already in the final stages of development and is another revolutionary project of internationally renowned brands to integrate components produced and developed by MCG.


This is also the case, for example, of the heated floor for installation in the Alstom’s Prima H4 locomotive, another large MCG transportation project, and the outer guide of the air suspension bellows of the Porsche Mission E electric car, an MCG automotive project of great importance.


The floor system for Aptis is a solution fully developed and adapted by MCG transportation to meet customer requirements. “It was our recognized development and engineering capacity, as well as our specialization in panels of very large size, which allowed us to satisfy Alstom’s needs in the creation of a pavement with these characteristics”, explains Pedro Brilha, Commercial Director MCG linked to the project Aptis.


Certified welding EN 15085 and HVAC


The development and production of floors for trains and buses reflect the high capacity of MCG transportation in terms of metal construction processes, with special emphasis on the assembly of welded structures. Certified welding EN 15085 is one of the specific competencies that MCG applies in the railway industry, in particular in HVAC structures.


To learn more about the certified competencies of the MCG transportation business unit, please follow our news page and follow also MCG’s mind for metal activity on LinkedIn.


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