19 Juni 2019

MCG automotive guarantees production of components for another car platform

MCG maintains long-term relationships with some of the world’s largest players in the automotive industry with several projects that distinguish MCG automotive by its advanced teams, technologies, and processes. Within this business unit, MCG recently secured a new production project for another large-volume automotive platform.


Starting in September, the project consists of a stamping process of three pairs of components that are destined to the suspension systems of the PSA platform which serves the new Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa.


The parts in question have complex technical characteristics, a pair of which is usually produced by the customer. MCG automotive’s strong experience in this area, as well as high-performance indices in development, production, and logistics/component delivery, are the reasons why the customer opted, this time, for requesting the external production of these important components.


Due to the company’s long experience in this segment, MCG automotive is perfectly prepared for the challenge in terms of technologies, processes, and specialized technicians and engineers as well. It’s expected a production volume of 700.000 units/year for each one of the six components. The stamping process involves the operation of two progressive presses for about 960 and 1,920 hours per year.


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