10 Juli 2018

MCG mind for metal achieves ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification

MCG has recently achieved ISO 14001: 2015 environmental certification, an international standard that ensures the good performance of organizations on its  Environmental Quality Management System (EMS).


Confirming the environmental responsibility and awareness that is  rooted in the company, the achievement of this certification is a result of the strong investment that MCG

…has made in promoting its environmental performance and reducing the impacts of its activity, giving answer not only to environmental legislation in force as well to the demands of various clients and the local community.


Compliance with ISO 14001: 2015 is evidence of a rational use of energy and resources. It foresees…

…the achievement of strategic objectives through the incorporation of environmental issues in the management of the company and the increase of the transversal involvement of the whole structure around environmental management.


The ongoing commitment in reducing the likelihood of environmental hazards, such as emissions, spills and other accidents of this kind is…

…reinforced, as well as reducing costs over time through improving the efficiency of all processes inherent to the MCG activity. The certification includes MCG’s plants, , as well as the respective processes and administrative and support areas.


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5 Juli 2018

Gateways for airport terminals: a “turnkey” solution with MCG industry quality

The airport terminal gateways that MCG mind for metal is producing for a Portuguese customer are one of the best examples of how the MCG industry business unit is perfectly prepared to secure contract services for assembly of turnkey products by ensuring all the stages of the process, from metal design…

…and fabrication to assembly.


Being a solution mostly produced in metal, these gateways include, however, enough electronic assembly and other steps that constitute real challenges during the production, namely the processes of welding and brushing in stainless steel. MCG industry thus ensures the execution of all these processes…

…in-house, without the need for subcontracting, even in the phases of Epoxy paint.


Faced with the solid characteristics of the client, which demonstrates a lot of know-how in technology and a great esthetic requirement, the whole project was developed together from the first moment, since this is a product that requires flexibility…

…in the design of new models, for example, always on a tailor-made logic.


The structure on which the project is based allows mass production in large quantities, according to customer needs, as well as the creation of safety stocks for specific components and traceability of all parts that make up the gateways….

…And it encompasses all the flexible metal manufacturing processes in which MCG industry is a specialist – laser cutting, bending, welding, surface treatment and assembly –, complemented by product and packaging design competencies, allowing shorter time-to-market.


This product, finished at the customer, consists of an access control system…

…designed to verify the user’s biometric data at the airport, optionally combining the identification of the same with a validation of the boarding pass and ensuring that only passengers on that specific flight can cross the control.


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29 Juni 2018

MCG strengthens technical means for conducting climate tests

MCG mind for metal has recently added new equipment to the range of technical means available to carry out climate tests in the activity and production processes with the acquisition of a system composed of the new Q-FOG CRH cyclic corrosion test chambers.


These chambers are prepared to…

…perform the most demanding and requested tests in the areas of automotive metal component production, and these cyclic corrosion tests provide the most effective laboratory simulation of what can happen in natural atmospheric corrosion. In this batch of tests are included climatic, cyclic corrosion (DIN EN ISO 11997-1) and salt spray…

…tests (DIN EN ISO 9227), as well as all other standards requested in the automotive industry: GMW 14872, GMW 3286, GMW 14671, GMW 14872 and GMW 14729.


MCG has now full autonomy in conducting the most requested tests in this sector, avoiding services that would otherwise have to be subcontracted, and reinforcing…

…the trust of its main clients with a better response capacity both on validation processes and in troubleshooting phase. The client is offered the possibility of total continuous monitoring of the quality of surface treatments.


“With this equipment and its associated procedures, MCG can now look to business typologies with higher added…

…value, with the main focus on projects that include complex surface treatments or with higher standards requirements,” says Carlos Saraiva, Business Development and Sales Engineering of MCG.


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