17 May 2018

ULTRAFORMING – MCG completes R&D project in UHSS

MCG mind for metal presented today the final results of ULTRAFORMING – Ultra High Strength Steel, a project carried out in partnership with UNIDEMI at the Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias of Lisbon’s Universidade Nova. And the main objectives of the initiative were achieved: to investigate and develop a new methodology…

…to design tools capable of producing UHSS steel parts, as well as to acquire and structure technical-scientific know-how at the level of elastoplastic behavior.


With the support of the Research and Development Unit in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (UNIDEMI) of that university, MCG’s R&D…

…unit created a Handbook of Best Practices for UHSS (Ultra High Strength Steel) that gathers the new constitutive models of the elastoplastic behavior of these materials and also many simulations related to the design of UHSS tools.


The ULTRAFORMING project activity plan incorporated eight activities over 24 months, demonstrating…

…the company’s new skills in the production of tools and parts in the new generation of UHSS steels, and especially in the context of the activity with its clients. This way, MCG strengthens itself as a company capable of ensuring the integral development of parts and components in UHSS steel or…

…of proactively intervening in its design.


Follow this news section – and also MCG’s mind for metal activity on LinkedIn – to learn more about this project and see the COMPLETE CASE STUDY we have with all the information about ULTRAFORMING project.



1 October 2017

TEBIS software

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1 September 2017

High-Speed Milling

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