MCG transportation business area is a fast-growing operation, currently dedicated to EN 15085-2 CL1 certified metal assemblies for different systems, including HVAC and composite based systems for train and bus interiors.

On interior systems, MCG provides a turn-key approach on wall, ceiling, and flooring applications including its own Heated Flooring System, internally developed by a dedicated engineering team.

With an extensive portfolio of metal forming, composite and joining technologies and competencies, MCG transportation delivers competitive end-to-end solutions to its customers around the world.


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Case Studies


RER Alstom train floors: a complete and fully plug and play solution

THE CHALLENGE: To develop an unheated floor system for installation on the new Alstom regional trains. Developing the concept and producing a new, non-heated floor for installation on the new regional trains Alstom is producing (in partnership with Bombardier) for SNCF, the largest French railway operator and one of the largest in Europe. The main objectives of the project are...

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Projeto CoMMUTe

CoMMUTe: intelligent heated flooring system made in MCG

THE CHALLENGE To develop a prototype for a modular and multifunctional heated floor for the interior of intercity and regional trains. And for the purpose MCG mind for metal was the leading company of a consortium composed of three other companies: Amorim Cork Composites, ITeCons, and Critical Materials.   PROJECT STRENGTHS Added value The heated floors developed by MCG are...

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Railway HVAC structures with certified welding EN 15085

Manufacturer certification in accordance with EN 15085; Railway Applications - Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components, is being increasingly specified by customers of components, sub-assemblies, and vehicles. The Certification for Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components (CWRVC) scheme demonstrates a manufacturer’s competence for control of welding quality in the production of railway vehicles and components. MCG develops and qualifies welding...

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Heated flooring Systems: design and production of modules ready to install

THE CHALLENGE: With MCG’s heated flooring solutions, Trains and Buses coaches are more evenly and quickly heated when combined with an HVAC system. Plus, the temperature gradient achieved creates a pleasant comfort feeling for the passenger while total heating costs can be reduced during ongoing operation.   PROJECT STRENGTHS: A lightweight, waterproof system that integrates radiant heating. Competitive, with design freedom...

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