Flooring system for buses and trains: development and production of an eight meter pavement for Alstom Aptis


Develop and produce an integral floor that is part of the main restraint structure (without sub-frame) of Aptis, the new 100% electric bus created by Alstom. Optimize MCG transportation with the production conditions for a one-piece bus floor with more than eight meters in length.



100% MCG production

An advanced floor system developed and produced in its entirety at the MCG mind for metal facility at Carregado, Portugal, by the MCG transportation business area.


Large single pieces

The floor system for Alstom Aptis is a full-length component with a length of more than eight meters. MCG transportation is distinguished worldwide by its specialization in panels of very large size.


In collaboration with the client

All product development takes place in an environment of constant collaboration between the specialized MCG transportation teams and the customer, in order to fully comply with the requirements advanced.


Structural Bonding

This advanced bus flooring system shows MCG’s high competencies in the structural bonding processes integrated in metal construction, with special emphasis on the assembly of panels in the latest generation composite materials, giving the final assembly a high mechanical resistance.


Certified welding EN 15085

In addition, certified EN 15085 welding is one of the other specific competencies that MCG applies in the railway industry, in HVAC structures and power transformers.