New coffee machine project: engineering, production and assembly in collaboration with the customer


Produce a new model of coffee machine keeping the constant collaboration with the customer adopted in previous projects and optimizing all the advanced processes of laser cutting, bending, welding, surface treatment, and assembly. A “turn-key” project, from initial engineering to mass production and customer delivery.



Project team always available

Project team available for development with the customer. Design adjustment for cost and assembly: need to meet the initial budget set by the customer as well as the total weight limit of the structure.

Engineering know–how

The importance of MCG’s strong know-how in metal forming technologies, with the freedom to design new 3D shapes and making suggestions for changing components.

Quality in processes and product

Quality Assurance and dimensional repeatability for different batches regarding series production.

Interchangeability of spares

A vital aspect for the operation of customer’s assembly line. Zero defects in customer’s assembly line.

Packaging and warehouse service

Availability of space for assembly and storage to afford delivery of batches of 50 units each per week. Storage facilities for spares which allowed for the reduction of delivery times by one week.

Fast time-to-market

Fast design for manufacturability and fast prototyping technologies – several prototypes during development and industrialization. From project start to prototypes in just eight weeks.