Pellet Stove: the turn-key home heating solution at MCG


Contract manufacturing of a complete line of PELLET STOVES for a Belgian design brand – from sketches to the final product, we deliver a turn-key solution


Fast time to market

5 weeks from prototype approval to order production (including design for manufacturing, a dedicated assembly line, procurement, welding certification and training).


Collaborative Engineering

Project team available for collaborative product development.

Prototyping and dynamic engineering change management using a dedicated team.


Manufacturing & Assembly

Competitive labor costs, with a 15% impact on total product cost.

Certified welders.

Skilled labor for electronic assembly and final testing.


Supply Chain Integration

Packaging design – for final product requirements and quality assurance; batch calculation for transport optimization.

Storage capacity for up to 200 stoves, a dedicated area of 500 m2 – flexible warehousing adjusted to customer needs.

Warehouse cost savings with 50% reduction in cost per square meter (compared to Central Europe).

Distributor demand connected to our supply chain (delivery door to door).



Savings in high-scale purchasing, with a 10% impact on total

product cost. Qualified suppliers’ database of a wide range of

multi-technology and multi-material products.




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