”C” Pillar stamping: 3.300 ton transfer stamping



Develop and optimize the MCG major stamping processes to the production of a set to integrate the platform of a large volume model: a Reinforcement – “C” Pillar.
Integration with other technologies, namely advanced welding and structural adhesives robot cells.




Technical requirements

For the stamping of all the parts that make up this component, 13 different tools are used, some of them developed and produced internally by MCG. Including transfer tools of 6,500 mm.


3,300-ton press

The high volume of production and the characteristics of the stamped components require the use of a 3,300-ton press, one of the most robust and efficient equipment in the company. MCG holds one of the two presses of its kind in the Iberian Peninsula.


Process optimization

High-volume stamping processes are optimized through the FEM (Finite Element Method), a numerical engineering problem-solving method, and integrated with all the other technologies that are used to produce this component.


High production volume

The production of all the parts involved in this project allows the assembly of 800 cars per day, which is equivalent to 65 hours of press operation by specialized collaborators.




  • Fem stamping.
  • Cinematic simulation.
  • Stamping process on a 3.300-ton press.
  • 6.500 mm transfer tool.