The vision of the future in the railway industry. The Innovative Railway Interior Systems (IRIS) project is a Research & Development initiative that aims to design, develop and facilitate the future manufacture of various interior train subsystems.


The project start-up is scheduled for July 2019, with MCG as leader of a consortium also comprising Famopol, Cablotec, Wiseware, and Almadesign. Itecons is the research center of the IRIS project, which also has the participation of several external partners.


Project problem/motivation

Rail transport is currently considered the most economical and sustainable way to travel. However, it is necessary to respond to the new challenges that rail operators will face, such as megacities, shifting work to ever greater distances and increasing environmental impact as a result of the anticipated high urban growth over the next 25 years.


The solution to achieve

IRIS aims to design and develop a set of prototypes for 4 complementary rail interior subsystems: side panels, roof panels, HVAC ducts, and luggage racks.


These solutions will be designed and built using a research strategy entirely focused on their experimental and exploratory development, thinking of a modular architecture that facilitates assembly on OEM lines. The main objectives are:

  • Reduce the cost of operation;
  • Improve passenger comfort;
  • Increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the system.


Main Mission

The new interior system will have to feature an innovative and flexible design that ensures its attractiveness to train manufacturers and complements the latest developments in the sector in Portugal, which have focused on seat and floor systems.


Consortium Know-How

IRIS brings a new dimension to the latest developments in the sector in Portugal with an ambitious R&D project focused on user needs. The initiative brings together five OEM companies that are benchmarks in the areas in which they operate, as well as a reputable research center, with the purpose of implementing disruptive solutions and thus affirming Portugal at the forefront of technologies applied to the railway industry.


The consortium

Main companies:

MCG – Development, production, and assembly of prototypes.

Famopol – Vacuum Assisted Resin Injection (RTM) processes.

Cablotec – Lighting products and various wiring.

Wiseware – IoT systems and solution, electronics and software.

AlmaDesign – Processes for design and ergonomics solutions.

Itecons – Research and Testing Center.


Official site

IRIS Project


Full record:

Project Title:
IRIS: Innovative Railway Interior Systems
Project Code:
Main goal:
The IRIS project aims to design and develop 4 complementary rail interior subsystems, designed to improve their manufacture and integration and passenger comfort and to reduce the cost of operation to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of rail equipment.
Region of intervention:
Center, Lisbon, North
Manuel da Conceição Graça, Lda
Start date:
Conclusion date:
Total eligible cost:
1,936,462.42 EUR
European Union financial support through ERDF:
EUR 1,159,183.37