The MAESTRI project aims to promote the sustainability of the manufacturing and process industry in Europe. This is achieved by developing a flexible and scalable management system as a platform, guiding and simplifying the implementation of the innovative “Total Efficiency Framework” approach.


The overall objective of this framework is to foster a culture of improvement in industries, assisting the decision making process, supporting the development of improvement strategies and helping to set priorities for improving the company’s environmental and economic performance. Its development and validation will be achieved through application in four real industrial environments (MCG is one of them) in a variety of business sectors.


Over a four-year period, the ISQ-led project has been delivering exploitable results grouped into technology outcomes (including innovative eco products, processes and services tailored to industrial end users) and structured solutions (involving synergistically combined technical, economic, legislative and policy solutions).


The results achieved by the industrial partners are based  in these four pillars:

  • LEAN Management System and presentation of the respective LEAN tools developed by the Lean Institute Poland (LEIP).
  • Eco-efficiency: energy and environmental management systems (INEGI).
  • IoT Platform and Intelligent Sensors: applications and demos in real use environment (MicroProcessor, LINK).
  • Industrial Symbiosis: case studies, business impact, and toolkits to use (Cambridge University).


The advances of the MAESTRI project at MCG, one of four real industrial environments:

» MCG consolidates results of the MAESTRI European Project

» MAESTRI project at MCG: flexibility, resource optimization, and waste reduction

» Maestri Project and the Lean philosophies at MCG: less waste and more productivity


More information on the MAESTRI Project official website.