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MCG has several years’ experience of the development of progressive forming and transfer tools. 

It has its own tool design standards which are followed in strict, structured fashion, combined with know-how in 3D modelling, making it possible to speed up the development stage and ensure a reliable tool at an optimised cost.

With a dedicated production unit MCG Tooling has a complete range of products/services in this area:
  • Forming tools
  • Welding Gigues
  • Gauges
  • Machined parts


Metal 1     Metal 2     Metal 3     Metal 4     Metal 5
  Try-out and
  firs series        
    Design and
  manufacture of
  stamping tools            
    Prototyping and
  rapid manufacturing                  
    Try-out and
  first series           
    Stamping area     

MCG mind for metal
MCG mind for metal
MCG mind for metal