24 May 2018

The Maestri Project and the Lean philosophies at MCG: less waste and more productivity

To develop and to apply innovative industrial management tools, capable of monitoring all resources from raw materials to energy efficiency, is one of MCG mind for metal’s priorities. In this context, the company is one of the four real industrial environments of the MAESTRI Project, a European initiative led by ISQ and that over four years is developing a flexible and scalable management system, guiding and simplifying the implementation of the innovative “Total Efficiency Framework “.


In this project, MCG – with the metal3 production plant, where the production of MCG industry and MCG transportation is developed –, has established a cooperation relationship with Lean Enterprise Institute of Poland (LEI – Poland), another entity in the MAESTRI consortium, with a very specific objective in mind: to apply the Lean culture to the MCG production processes, in search of new solutions and good management practices.


The methodology defined for this component of the project is based on four workshops involving the presence of the leaders of the Lean Enterprise Institute at the facilities of MCG. And two of these meetings have already been held: Management Boards and Problem Solving, which include participants from all the metal3 teams and which, in addition to the theoretical component, aiming mainly at the application of know-how and of the Lean experience of the Polish organism in concrete cases identified in this production unit.



Gonçalo Almeida, metal3 Industrial Director, has no doubt that Lean culture can make MCG more efficient, profitable and competitive. “It has been very beneficial for a plant in the growth and development phase to rely on the experience of the Lean Enterprise Institute to form and promote the Lean culture within our structure,” says the project manager, also assuring that “in cases like this one it is possible to demonstrate the validity of these methodologies for later expansion to all the teams and manufacturing processes “. The main goal is to continually adapt the company to the demands of the market, with increases in flexibility, optimization of resources and reduction of waste.


Agnieszka Fonfara, on the other hand, “feels” MCG as “an above-average company with regard to commitment and openness to projects of this kind.” The Lean Enterprise Institute’s Project Expert praises how all the teams and the industrial director have been highly involved in the workshops and in the implementation measures. “They always find the right solutions and seek improvement on an ongoing basis. For example, in the exemplary way in which they have adjusted the plans drawn up at the meetings about the indicators that should manage laser cutting processes,” she says, remembering that this is the right approach within Lean philosophy.


Follow this news section – and also MCG’s mind for metal activity on LinkedIn – to learn more about this project: we’re preparing a full case study that will detail all the stages and final results of the four workshops that comprise this partnership between MCG industry and the Lean Enterprise Institute of Poland.


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