3 May 2019

MAESTRI project at MCG: flexibility, resource optimization, and waste reduction

MCG continues the implementation of the Lean culture and the Total Efficiency Framework as one of the four real industrial environments of the MAESTRI Project, a European initiative that is developing a flexible and scalable management system that promotes best practices in industrial management and industry 4.0.


MCG recently attended the 7th Project Meeting (held in April in Wroclaw, Poland) with Gonçalo Almeida, Metal3 Industrial Director, the production unit that holds MCG industry and MCG transportation activities. The main objective was to present the company’s advances in activities related to industrial symbiosis, eco-efficiency, Eco-Lean management, monitoring of production data, and the implementation of an IoT platform.


In practical terms, and through various initiatives with other consortium partners, the MAESTRI Project has enabled MCG to implement several monitoring systems on the shop floor. Here are some improvements:


  • It has been possible to review the concept of performance indicators of some production teams, applying good management practices in the team and training team leaders to conduct daily operational meetings, which translate into interesting productivity gains.
  • Follow-up of internal rejection and problem-solving methodologies now demonstrate greater control at the level of various indicators.
  • The connection to the laser cutting and punching machines, bending machines, and welding machines now allow data collection of production, energy consumption, and others, which makes it possible to show operators in the factory their performance indicators in terms of productivity, quality and availability.
  • This same link also feeds a MAESTRI platform that is being developed within this project and will allow in the future to make evolutionary analyses that confirm the implemented improvements.


The MAESTRI project is in its final phase and is scheduled for completion next June when the results will be published.