24 April 2019

MCG continues to invest in new technologies and top equipment

One of MCG’s priorities is to maintain a sustained base of investments in new technologies and equipment for its production units, in parallel with a logic of constant improvement of the company’s infrastructures and facilities.


This continuous investment has two main purposes: on the one hand, to enable our specialized employees to work safely and in a “technological” well-being environment; on the other hand, to achieve optimized production rates that reflect the value of MCG teams and meet the high demands of the company customers.


Among the equipment and technologies that have recently reinforced MCG’s various production units, we can highlight the two robots implemented in MCG automotive’s Tandem lines, as well as the third welding station dedicated to the Volkswagen T-Roc component production project. The company also acquired new advanced chambers for the execution of climatic tests.


The production units related to the MCG industry business unit were also reinforced, with the start-up of a Motoman robot with CMT welding and the acquisition of new equipment for metal bending processes.


This logic of investment is something that MCG intends to maintain and is essential to give an adequate response to the needs of the teams and new projects in production during 2019.