14 October 2019

MCG participates in ZF eVD2 project suppliers’ workshop

MCG, through its MCG automotive business division, is one of the companies participating in the technical workshop that ZF organizes on October 17 for eVD2 project suppliers.


The meeting is taking place in the city of Schweinfurt, Germany, and MCG’s participation is primarily intended to help ZF succeed in eVD2, a project…

…that this manufacturer is currently pursuing or the development and production of components for hybrid and electric vehicles of the biggest car brands in the world.


Events of this kind are one of the ways how a large manufacturer like ZF ensures that all the suppliers are aligned with their demanding business…

…relationship and joint development requirements.


And MCG’s attendance at this technical workshop is further proof that MCG automotive, with its 70 years of activity in the worldwide automotive component industry, is perfectly qualified to be part of ZF’s supply chain system, even more in a project like eVD2,…

…which requires constant updating and consolidation of processes and information by each supplier.


As with MCG, ZF is a company that follows the new trends in the automotive industry. In this sense, the eVD2 project in this technical workshop is another step in the innovation strategy of this manufacturer, which strives to…

…provide efficient products that maintain a balance between individual driver needs and environmental preservation.


train component

9 October 2019

MCG begins series production of a new train component project

Following a constant growth and business diversification, MCG has started production of a new metal component that integrates the locomotive traction transformer produced by a major world manufacturer.


This is an MCG transportation business division project and consists of the manufacture of a clamping frame system that ensures the correct tightness of…

…the locomotive traction transformer.


In these production processes, the strong experience of MCG transportation teams in welding of high thickness materials is critical. EN 15085-2 Certified Welding is an important prerequisite for meeting the demanding requirements of the customer.


Find out more about the most recent projects that are…


30 September 2019

MCG presents the results of the ModSeat – Modular Light Rail Seat project

MCG and the other members of this R&D consortium presented today at the Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon, the results of the ModSeat – Modular Light Rail Seat project, which over the course of several months has been the basis for developing an innovative concept of a seat for regional and…

…intercity trains.


MCG has coordinated various parts of the project throughout its development, with its R&D team highly involved in the process and in the consortium composed of four other entities: Instituto Superior Técnico, Almadesign, a company in the area of industrial design, SETsa – Sociedade…

…de Engenharia e Transformação SA and ERT, a multinational of the automotive supply chain with industrial facilities in Portugal, Czech Republic and Romania. And the results at now at sight.


As can be seen through the finished prototype that was on display during the event, Modseat is effectively a modular,…

…versatile and customizable seat for trains, based on development and manufacturing processes using new processes and materials.


The project’s main objective is thus achieved: Modseat is prepared to meet future demands for the public transport of its kind. Among other features, it’s lightweight and considerably increases passenger comfort using innovative…

…materials and manufacturing processes, smart solutions and infotainment systems.


On the other hand, it is a fully customizable seat that can be adapted to the customer’s needs and the type/level of service that they want to provide (different classes, markets, and their requirements).


Recalling the various previous phases of the Modseat project:


…target=”_blank” href=”http://www.mcg.pt/en/modseat-mcg-test-phase/”>MCG R&D: ModSeat project in full phase of functional tests and improvements

» Modseat – Modular Light Rail Seat is taking shape at MCG

» MCG’s Modseat R&D project website page.


19 September 2019

MCG distinguished for the first time with EcoVadis Gold Medal

MCG has officially received EcoVadis’ highest distinction, reflecting our commitment and our practices in Corporate Social Responsibility. In the total of companies that underwent this assessment, and considering our industry, we were among the 3% of the best performing companies worldwide.


These excellent results come from the work that MCG has been…

…developing in what are the pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility – Environment, Labor Practices, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. The EcoVadis distinction is possible after our commitment to the strategy of continuous improvement in safety at work and environmental management, which we will continue to reinforce.


Note that it is through this platform…

…that customers such as Faurecia, Alstom and Chassis Brakes International, as well as other potential customers, evaluate our performance as suppliers. That is why this recognition, in addition to setting us to the highest international standards of Corporate Social Responsibility, reinforces why our customers and partners can continue to trust in…



EcoVadis is a sustainability rating platform for global supply chains. The information provided by this entity about MCG will facilitate the understanding, monitoring, and improvement of our company’s environmental, social and ethical performance with all our partners.


This EcoVadis distinction also reinforces the certifications already held by MCG: