3 June 2020

New MCG transportation project: a demanding challenge in the development of floors for trains

MCG, through its MCG transportation business area, was selected by the Alstom-EKZ joint venture to develop and supply the heated floors for the KZ4T and KZ8T locomotives for future circulation in Kazakhstan.


This new business represents an added challenge for the MCG engineering teams: the floor heating system will have to work…

…efficiently under extreme conditions that in winter can reach temperatures of minus 50 degrees. In addition, the entire floor must be certified according to Russian GOST standards.


The development of this product will take place throughout the year 2020 and following the usual MCG approach: offering the customer a complete and optimized…

…solution in terms of product design, engineering, and production, according to their specific needs.


In 2021, production of 100 floors will begin for two different types of locomotives: one for the KZ8T, a freight train traction locomotive, and another for the KZ4T, a passenger train traction unit.


This is another MCG transportation project…

…that reinforces MCG’s position in a restricted set of top global industries that are prepared to supply products to any part of the globe.


Other recent MCG transportation projects:


14 May 2020

MCG shares measures implemented to prevent Covid-19 pandemic

In the course of its activity during the Covid-19 pandemic, MCG is following all the recommendations of the official entities, with the main objective of ensuring the Health and Safety of all its Employees and all people who visit the company’s facilities.


In this sense, and in a context of constant contact…

…with a wide range of local companies, MCG shares some of the measures implemented in the company and aims to guide all Employees in adopting safe behaviours.


The safety of the Employees of our neighbouring and partner companies is also our safety.


Measures implemented to prevent Covid-19 pandemic:


  • The use of a social…

…mask is mandatory, which must be placed before entering MCG’s premises. The company provides each Employee with two units.

  • To increase the protective factors, MCG recommends the use of a protective visor. The use of the visor is optional. MCG makes a unit available to each Employee, who is responsible for…
  • …its good use and conservation.

  • It is mandatory to carry out MCG’s handwashing and cleaning routine whenever the factory bell rings every two hours. Always avoid contact of the hands with the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • The safety distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained in all situations that require the…
  • …presence of several people in the same space.

  • Safety marks on the floor must be taken into account in all spaces in common use: cafeteria, corridors, passageways.
  • It is important to wash hands when entering factories. For this purpose, a disinfectant solution is provided near the supply systems of other personal…
  • …protective equipment.

  • Only one person is allowed to stay in the smoking area.
  • The sharing of objects and equipment for personal use, as well as food, is prohibited.
  • Only two people are allowed to stay in the WC’s at the same time.
  • The MCG Security team should be contacted immediately if…
  • …Covid-19 symptoms appear. In case of fever, the Employee must not go to work.

  • All spaces should have doors open, preferably. In this way, the spaces are ventilated and contact with the door handles is avoided.
  • When sneezing or coughing, each person should cover their nose and mouth with their forearms…
  • …or tissue. And throw the tissue in the trash right away.

  • MCG measures the body temperature of all its Employees before entering the premises, without registering and/or storing this and any other personal information.
  • MCG uses all means at its disposal to keep all its Employees informed about the whole Covid-19…
  • …situation, using TV screens, information posters, and many other forms of internal and external communication. This process involves, among other things, the daily update of an online dashboard with the current Covid-19 situation at MCG, with information regarding the procedures to be performed in case of symptoms and the complete contingency…

    …plan prepared by the company.

  • Through several digital channels available anywhere and anytime, MCG provides its Employees with training, in addition to maintaining a logic of sending constant information.



    30 March 2020

    MCG – Manuel da Conceição Graça, Lda completes 70 years of existence

    MCG – Manuel da Conceição Graça, Lda completes today 70 years of life!


    It was on March 30, 1950, that Manuel da Conceição Graça officially registered the beginning of his activity, starting the company that over these seven decades has known how to become a reference in the industry.


    Founder Manuel da Conceição…

    …Graça’s vision, his entrepreneurial sense, and his workforce launched MCG on a path of success! In this path that continues until today, the leadership of José Medeiros for over 30 years was crucial, as well as the unconditional support of his family.


    It is worth mentioning, however, the fundamental role of all…

    …the men and women who were part of MCG during these years and who succeeded to impress perseverance, work, dedication and persistence in this long journey. This heritage is in the DNA of current MCG Employees, who have so well managed to honor it!


    Today it is not possible for us to…

    …celebrate this date as we would like, but we can mark this day by congratulating all MCG Employees, remembering this path built together and making happy wishes for the future.


    The “journey” will continue, and we will all know how to respond together to the challenges that the company will face. The…

    …biggest one, now, will be to overcome the current moment that afflicts the whole world society. We must be strong and resilient, but together we can do it!


    On the day of its 70th Anniversary, MCG wishes health to everyone!


    20 February 2020

    The first Aptis bus with floors made in MCG is already in circulation

    The first Aptis unit was recently delivered to Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois by Alstom. But the entry into service of this 100% electric Alstom bus is also a special moment for MCG: one of the differentiating bases of Aptis is the large structural floor produced by the MCG transportation teams.


    MCG is…

    …delighted to see the result of an intense product development process that took three years and that included multiple engineering simulations, validation tests, and prototypes.


    MCG transportation is today a proud part of Alstom‘s supply chain system and this is a project that endows MCG teams with even more extensive…

    …know-how in the development, certification, and production of floor systems for trains and buses.


    The use of different materials, technologies, and solutions is at the service of a single output and objective: to successfully satisfy the increasingly demanding needs of each client.


    Among the production processes of this pavement system based on composite…

    …materials is a very complex operation: the bonding of panels with dimensions of 8.5 x 2.4 meters, possible only due to the precision, advanced technologies, and experience of the teams of MCG production.


    MCG transportation presents itself with a range of competitive and integrated solutions for train and bus interiors….

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