30 March 2020

MCG – Manuel da Conceição Graça, Lda completes 70 years of existence

MCG – Manuel da Conceição Graça, Lda completes today 70 years of life!


It was on March 30, 1950, that Manuel da Conceição Graça officially registered the beginning of his activity, starting the company that over these seven decades has known how to become a reference in the industry.


Founder Manuel da Conceição…

…Graça’s vision, his entrepreneurial sense, and his workforce launched MCG on a path of success! In this path that continues until today, the leadership of José Medeiros for over 30 years was crucial, as well as the unconditional support of his family.


It is worth mentioning, however, the fundamental role of all…

…the men and women who were part of MCG during these years and who succeeded to impress perseverance, work, dedication and persistence in this long journey. This heritage is in the DNA of current MCG Employees, who have so well managed to honor it!


Today it is not possible for us to…

…celebrate this date as we would like, but we can mark this day by congratulating all MCG Employees, remembering this path built together and making happy wishes for the future.


The “journey” will continue, and we will all know how to respond together to the challenges that the company will face. The…

…biggest one, now, will be to overcome the current moment that afflicts the whole world society. We must be strong and resilient, but together we can do it!


On the day of its 70th Anniversary, MCG wishes health to everyone!


20 February 2020

The first Aptis bus with floors made in MCG is already in circulation

The first Aptis unit was recently delivered to Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois by Alstom. But the entry into service of this 100% electric Alstom bus is also a special moment for MCG: one of the differentiating bases of Aptis is the large structural floor produced by the MCG transportation teams.


MCG is…

…delighted to see the result of an intense product development process that took three years and that included multiple engineering simulations, validation tests, and prototypes.


MCG transportation is today a proud part of Alstom‘s supply chain system and this is a project that endows MCG teams with even more extensive…

…know-how in the development, certification, and production of floor systems for trains and buses.


The use of different materials, technologies, and solutions is at the service of a single output and objective: to successfully satisfy the increasingly demanding needs of each client.


Among the production processes of this pavement system based on composite…

…materials is a very complex operation: the bonding of panels with dimensions of 8.5 x 2.4 meters, possible only due to the precision, advanced technologies, and experience of the teams of MCG production.


MCG transportation presents itself with a range of competitive and integrated solutions for train and bus interiors….

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11 February 2020

MCG follows the installation of heated floors of the Metropolis metro

MCG transportation was recently in the city of Chenai, India, to participate in the FMR (First Mounting Review) process for the first two carriages of the Alstom Metropolis, a metro that Réseau Express Métropolitain de Montreal will put into circulation later this year in this city of Canada.


The visit to the…

…Alstom India facilities is part of one of the stages of the production of 212 heated floors developed entirely by MCG transportation.


The teams of engineers of this business unit had the opportunity to closely monitor the installation of the floors produced at MCG and to support the manufacturer’s assembly teams. It…

…is recalled that MCG is the first supplier of heated floors in this Alstom plant.


Over the course of three days, MCG and Alstom had the possibility, together and in a healthy collaboration environment, to identify various opportunities for improving the floors produced. A good example of this is related to the…

…special product packaging, designed by MCG to more robustly resist road transport on complex local roads.


Another of the objectives accomplished during the visit was the transfer of information between both parties and the training of Alstom technicians in the installation and connection of the electrical system of the floor. This process…

…was a complete success, which validates the continuity of production of the following units at MCG transportation facilities.


At a pace of rapid growth, MCG transportation is today one of the leading suppliers of components and systems for train interiors with the world’s largest manufacturers in this business area.



6 January 2020

MCG employees successfully complete training at ATEC

In the course of MCG’s policy of continuous improvement and training, seven of its Employees have recently successfully completed ATEC’s Introduction to Automations training.


Lasting 14 hours, the training has as its main objectives to know and identify the operation of the automatisms, identify the symbology associated with them, and read and…

…interpret related schemes.


Likewise, trainees are also able to characterize the functions of each element of an automatism, as well as to detect and repair simple malfunctions.


Presenting prior knowledge of mechano-technics, electro-technics, and electricity, MCG Employees who participated in this Introduction to Automation training were Diogo Reis, Pedro Franco, Pedro Carloto, Nelson…

…Simãozinho, Ricardo Martins, Ricardo Roque, Rui Teixeira, and Daniel Sousa.


“I highlight the excellent performance of the graduates from MCG. It is gratifying to have people working cooperatively and in groups in such an effective and interactive way”, says Joaquim Sapateiro, the ATEC trainer responsible for the action. “Together we were able…

…to overcome the training objectives, the trainees posed very pertinent questions that led to very interactive training. The attitude and dedication were exemplary”, he adds.


Nelson Vaz, ATEC commercial consultant, attests to the importance that MCG gives to the training of its Employees. “Just as in its activity it puts the customer…

…at the center of its attention, so in its Human Resources strategy, MCG privileges the quality of training so that it can be positive and differentiating”, he explains. “In this sense, for ATEC it is a privilege to be one of the companies selected to invest in the development of MCG…



The training took place at the Carregado Vocational Training Technology Center. MCG’s facilities are also located in Carregado, near Lisbon, Portugal.