31 January 2019

MCG industry develops new complete coffee machine project

Many projects confirm the MCG industry’s expertise in metal manufacturing know-how and technologies, including the production of complete coffee machines from initial engineering to series production. And the development of a new coffee machine model is another “turnkey” MCG project, keeping the constant collaboration with the customer and involving advanced laser cutting,…

…bending, welding, surface treatment, and assembly processes.


There are many processes and product optimizations made to previous projects in the same segment, including several final refinements, design improvements suggested by the MCG team and the ability to produce extra components according to the client’s assembly needs.


It took only eight weeks from the…

…start of development to the first prototype, and now MCG industry has a production and storage capacity that allows the delivery to the client of lots of 50 units per week.


All the details in the complete CASE STUDY of the project.



25 January 2019

New project confirms MCG as expert on structures for HVAC systems for trains

After validation of a prototype unit by the customer in December, the development of a new structure for HVAC systems for trains reinforces MCG transportation as a specialist in welding processes with EN 15085 certification. And demonstrates the ability to adapt and reduce the response time of the division of MCG…

…that is dedicated to the production of interiors for trains and buses.


The project involves the production of a new housing for an HVAC system for the manufacturer Merak and intended for installation on the platforms of FLIRT trains produced by Stadler Rail.


From the production point of view, this is a project…

…of great demand in new processes and equipment, which MCG transportation responds with the optimization of the layout of the assembly lines. Special features of the structure – such as the total dimension of more than three meters, for example – also motivate the investment in new tools. The complexity of…

…the assembly processes is another challenge.


For the realization of this project, the main strengths of this business unit of the company are very important:

  • The capacity of management of projects with this dimension, in the total extension of the value chain;
  • The ability to reformulate the process design, integrating this type…

…of product into a production line concept;

  • The ability to invest in employee training, ensuring a robust process and a very high-quality level;
  • The proximity to the customer and the speed of response and proactivity in the integration of the requirements.

    All this makes MCG transportation take over as a strong and…

    …experienced player in this market, perfectly qualified for the development of large projects.


    Get to know all the details of this project through our complete CASE STUDY.


    12 December 2018

    MCG mind for metal wishes you a Merry Christmas

    MCG mind for metal wishes all its customers, employees, partners, and followers a Merry Christmas.


    As 2018 to finish, we invite you to recall all the milestones overcome by MCG mind for metal this year and to get to know better the most important projects of the company during the last 12…

    …months of activity. Please click/touch in the ‘News’ section above.


    For 2019 our promise is the same we have in our day to day as a reference company in the markets in which we operate: a lot of work and a constant pursuit of the satisfaction of all the players that work…

    …with us.


    A strong wish for Happy Holidays for all and a successful year 2019!

    Projeto SHIP

    4 December 2018

    MCG develops industrial solar thermal system under the SHIP R&D project

    Under the project SHIP – Solar Heat for Industrial Processes, an MCG solar and MCG R&D project, MCG mind for metal has developed a pilot turn-key industrial solar thermal system for small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to invest in a clean and renewable heat process.


    Based on a modular approach and designed…

    …to simplify the decision-making of these entities in the face of the adoption of a clean and renewable heat process, this system is one of the results of the work carried out so far by the SHIP consortium, composed of MCG mind for metal, the leading company…

    …of the project, and by four other partners: KEMET Electronics Portugal, OnControl Technologies, Évora University and INEGI – Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management.


    This solar thermal system developed by MCG is an industrial application among several other projects that use Concentrating Solar Energy with storage of energy in the form…

    …of heat. The main objective is to achieve the production of solar thermal electricity, centralized and dispatchable, and process heat for the industry.


    It is expected that this type of solar thermal, associated with the thermal storage of the same, will be a strong complement to the production of photovoltaic energy that…

    …we already know, and that MCG uses in the day to day of its activity.


    Recently, MCG mind for metal was one of the national and international entities that recently attended the 4th Symposium IPES: The Solar and the Future Concentration, an event that took place in Évora,…

    …Portugal, in September and that served to debate and promote several topics related to Concentrating Solar Energy (and its energy storage as heat).


    MCG was represented as the leader of the SHIP project and presented the demonstrator of its solar thermal industrial system, with a visit to the…

    Évora Molten Salt Platform (EMSP) and the Solar Energy Testing Center where this mentioned solar collector CPC developed by the company is highlighted.


    Please note that the MCG solar business unit develops innovative technological integration solutions that work with solar thermal at medium temperature…

    …in industrial processes, guaranteeing a market approach and focusing on increasing energy efficiency in the processes in which they are applied.


    Follow this our news section – and MCG’s mind for metal activity on LinkedIn – to find out more about MCG’s activities within the MCG solar business…

    …unit and how the company is helping the promotion of the solar thermal electricity sector.