1 August 2019

MCG guarantees TGV train floor development and production project

MCG transportation’s entry into the high-speed train floor production segment is confirmed: MCG has recently guaranteed the development and production of the cabin floors for the new generation TGV trains Avelia Horizon.


This is a long-term project for the construction of 100 trains by the manufacturer Alstom for circulation on French territory…

…by SNCF. These floors will be fully developed and produced by MCG in close collaboration with the customer. The project is already at an advanced stage of development and production will start at MCG in 2020.


The confirmation of the project follows MCG’s policy of co-development with the customer and contributes to…

…the great goal of placing excellence in each product developed.


MCG transportation teams are thus facing new challenges at all stages of the development and production process of the floors for Avelia Horizon TGV trains. Both in conception, phase in which the selection of materials and process design plays a key role,…

…as in the validation of the final product.


Most of the components of this new generation train have an optimized design to simplify and reduce intervals between maintenance interventions, also allowing energy savings of up to 20% compared to today’s TGV trains.


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30 July 2019

MCG launches its new Supplier management and communication platform

MCG Sourcing is the new MCG’s supplier collaboration platform designed to centralize and improve all supplier information management, as well as the processes of communication, disclosure of business opportunities and subsequent appointments.


Being in a final testing phase and due for release in September, MCG Sourcing brings several benefits to both the…

…company and its suppliers, thus guaranteeing unique advantages in accessing new business opportunities.


This platform will be essential and mandatory in all MCG negotiation and purchasing processes, as well as in its relationship with suppliers, ensuring greater efficiency and transparency in these processes.


All MCG suppliers will soon receive MCG Sourcing’s instructions for…

…use (when the platform is officially launched), and this initial information document has already been sent to all company suppliers.


We thank all our suppliers for their cooperation and participation in this initiative, aiming at creating more business and communication opportunities.


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26 July 2019

MCG confirms serial production of Aptis electric bus floor system

After the FAI (First Serial Inspection) processes have been completed for the Aptis first carriage structural floor, MCG transportation engineering and production teams continue to move forward with the production of the very large floors for Alstom first 100% electric bus.


Among the production processes of these composite-based systems is a very…

…important and complex operation: the 8,5 x 2,4-meter panels bonding process, possible only because of the precision, advanced technologies and extensive know-how of MCG transportation production teams.


With the high levels of customer satisfaction following the work done, MCG will produce and deliver 30-floor units for the Aptis until the end of…

…this year.


This is another project that confirms MCG transportation’s sustained growth and success in offering competitive and integrated solutions for train and bus interiors.


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8 July 2019

MCG consolidates results of the MAESTRI Project

MCG recently participated in the Final Conference of the MAESTRI project to present the results of this R&D project that aims to develop a flexible and scalable management system that promotes good industrial management practices and industry 4.0.


As one of the four real industrial environments of this European initiative, MCG continues…

…to energize the implementation of the Lean culture and the Total Efficiency Framework in the production processes of MCG industry and MCG transportation business units.


After summarizing MAESTRI project progress to date, each of the four pilot frameworks in real-life context has shown in detail the results they are achieving, with direct…

…correspondence to the four pillars of the program:


  • INEGI – Eco-efficiency: environmental and energy management systems.
  • LINK – IoT and sensors: applications and demonstrations in real-life environments.
  • Cambridge University – Industrial Symbiosis: case studies, business impact, and toolkits to use.
  • Lean Institute, in partnership with MCG – Application of the LEAN…

…Management system and presentation of the respective LEAN tools developed.


In addition to the interesting presentation by Steve Evans of the University of Cambridge (on the challenges of European industry in an evolving world), the focus was on presenting how the LEAN Management system is being applied in MCG.


We recall that in…

…practical terms, and through various initiatives with the other partners of the consortium, the MAESTRI project has enabled MCG to implement several production monitoring systems on the shop floor. Here are some improvements:


  • It has been possible to review the concept of performance indicators of some production teams, applying good management…

…practices in the team and training team leaders to conduct daily operational meetings, which translate into interesting productivity gains.

  • Follow-up of internal rejection and problem-solving methodologies now demonstrate greater control at the level of various indicators.
  • The connection to the laser cutting and punching machines, bending machines, and welding machines now…
  • …allow data collection of production, energy consumption, and others, which makes it possible to show operators in the factory their performance indicators in terms of productivity, quality and availability.

  • This same link also feeds a MAESTRI platform that is being developed within this project and will allow in the future to…
  • …make evolutionary analyses that confirm the implemented improvements.


    The MAESTRI project will have a final review with the European Commission, in parallel with its official closure, on 8 and 9 October, at ISQ (where this final conference was also held).


    Remember the advances of the MAESTRI project at MCG as one of four…

    …projects developed by the company.