3 May 2012

MCGday@IST 2012

Field of Mechanical Engineering Technology and Industrial Management from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and MCG mind for metal, jointly promoted this seminar for students.

Disclosure of the basic principles of the partnership agreement signed between the two institutions, through which the MCG supports and collaborates in activities of teaching…

…and research.

Delivery of the prize MCG mind for metal – best master’s thesis in the field of mechanical technology:.
Nuno Miguel Afonso Rodrigues de Freitas (with the dissertation “Thin Wall Tubular Profiles Connection – Experimental and Numerical Analysis”)



9 October 2011

MCG presents new image – mind for metal

MCG is presenting a new strategy to the market involving the supply of multiple activity sectors with diversified, metal-based services and products.

In commemoration to its 60 year history, MCG, the car specialist with recognised standards of excellence and competence, is to expand its activity and product portfolio to new business areas,…

…namely, the energy sector.
José Medeiros, the company General Manager, stresses: “this change in image completes a cycle of innovation which has been carried out in technology and process management. The car industry shall always be the base of our activity, metal our raw material, the application of our knowledge and competences…

…shall be the basis for success in new business areas.”

Just as happy with the new image was Mr.Manuel da Conceição Graça, the company founder: “It’s good to know that the company I created 60 years ago is still young and growing.”
The General Manager made a point of stressing that “From now…

…on we are: mind for metal”.


1 February 2011

Assignment of Sonex 300 machine to IST

Under a partnership struck up with Instituto Superior Técnico, in 2010 MCG assigned equipment to the Mechanical Technology Laboratory of the IST, a Sonex 300 ultrasound machine.

The striking up a partnership between IST and a successful, leading industrial company shall allow the stimulation of new research programmes and speed up the…

…process to transfer results to the market. With this in mind, the assignment made by MCG to IST of SONEX 300 equipment will allow an evaluation of the machinability of materials which are very hard, fragile and non-conductive, being difficult to process with other manufacturing technologies.
Pedro Rosa (Assistant Lecturer), Industrial Management…

…and Mechanical Technology Centre (MIM) Instituto Superior Técnico