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Recertification EN 15085 / Geral / Detalhe de Notícia

Recertification EN 15085

Recertification EN 15085

On April 5, MCG mind for metal was awarded recertification by TÜV Rheinland Portugal based on the European standard EN 15085-2, which specifies the quality requirements for welded construction of vehicles and components for the railway industry.
The certification included the qualification of the processes of welding, qualification of welders, tests, among other aspects related to this process. In this way, MCG assures its customers a tight control of the welding processes and skills of its welders in the production of components for the railway industry. This is a key step for MCG transportation to continue to access international railway projects, as it has done so far.
This recertification is a sign of confidence for all MCG customers, not limited to the railway market, demonstrating a clear commitment to the welding process, a driver in diversification in markets and products, including MCG automotive.