27 juin 2019

MCG presents the results of the SHIP – Solar Heat for Industrial Processes project

MCG and the other members of the consortium presented yesterday the results of the SHIP – Solar Heat for Industrial Processes and the demonstration prototype of the solar thermal industrial system developed under this R&D project. The closing event of the project took place at the Alentejo Science and Technology Park…

…in Évora.


MCG assumed the coordination of the project in a consortium also composed of the University of Évora, INEGI, and the companies OnControl and KEMET Electronics Portugal. And it was precisely in the facilities of this company that the participants in the event had the opportunity to see the whole system…

…that serves this technology of capture and accumulation of solar thermal energy for industrial processes.


The event began with the presentation of all phases of project development, by the heads of all the entities that make up the SHIP consortium. Then it was possible to watch the demonstration of the whole system…

…in operation in the technical platform installed in KEMET Electronics Portugal.


The installation in question exemplifies with complete success the possible direct integration of this solar thermal technology into industrial processes of medium temperature, fully validating a future approach to the market.


The technical and economic advantages of implementing a system such as…

…SHIP are evidenced and can result in higher energy efficiency in the industrial units where installed. It is a solution born from several technologies that the various entities linked to the consortium have developed successfully over the last few years.


More info about SHIP Project. Please watch the event…

…video at MCG’s YouTubeLinkedIn or Facebook.

SHIP Project

15 mai 2019

Industrial solar thermal system under MCG’s R&D SHIP Project enters its final stage

Following the presentation at the Intersolar Europe 2018 fair and several stages of development, the SHIP Project – Solar Heat for Industrial Processes has finally reached the final stage with the installation and start-up in the infrastructure of Kemet Electronics Portugal, company of Évora that also forms part of the consortium…

…led by MCG.


This MCG R&D project is based on the development and implementation of a pilot-turn-key industrial thermal solar system for small and medium-sized enterprises looking to invest in a clean and renewable heat process. This solar thermal system is an industrial application that uses the Concentrating Solar Energy with storage…

…of energy in the form of heat.


The SHIP Project intends to highlight the technical and economic advantages of the concept of solar heat for industrial processes. Its implementation should result in greater energy efficiency in the units in which it will be installed, resulting in lower energy bills and thus lead…

…to a better acceptance of solar thermal technologies with storage.


Based on a modular approach and designed to simplify the decision making of these entities in relation to the adoption of a clean and renewable heat process, this system is the result of the work done so far by the SHIP consortium:


  • MCG mind for metal: project leader, generally responsible for the production of this solar CPC system.
  • KEMET Electronics Portugal: the company that is receiving the installation and operation of the system.
  • OnControl Technologies: the company responsible for the layout of control and automation that allows integration into the target systems.
  • INEGI…
  • …- Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management: responsible for the project design and creation, as well for the design of the energy storage system.

  • University of Évora: entity responsible for the CPC’s design and for the design and testing of the developed system.

    The SHIP – Solar Heat for Industrial Processes…

    …Project has the next June 30th as the date for its official closure.