6 janvier 2020

MCG employees successfully complete training at ATEC

In the course of MCG’s policy of continuous improvement and training, seven of its Employees have recently successfully completed ATEC’s Introduction to Automations training.


Lasting 14 hours, the training has as its main objectives to know and identify the operation of the automatisms, identify the symbology associated with them, and read and…

…interpret related schemes.


Likewise, trainees are also able to characterize the functions of each element of an automatism, as well as to detect and repair simple malfunctions.


Presenting prior knowledge of mechano-technics, electro-technics, and electricity, MCG Employees who participated in this Introduction to Automation training were Diogo Reis, Pedro Franco, Pedro Carloto, Nelson…

…Simãozinho, Ricardo Martins, Ricardo Roque, Rui Teixeira, and Daniel Sousa.


“I highlight the excellent performance of the graduates from MCG. It is gratifying to have people working cooperatively and in groups in such an effective and interactive way”, says Joaquim Sapateiro, the ATEC trainer responsible for the action. “Together we were able…

…to overcome the training objectives, the trainees posed very pertinent questions that led to very interactive training. The attitude and dedication were exemplary”, he adds.


Nelson Vaz, ATEC commercial consultant, attests to the importance that MCG gives to the training of its Employees. “Just as in its activity it puts the customer…

…at the center of its attention, so in its Human Resources strategy, MCG privileges the quality of training so that it can be positive and differentiating”, he explains. “In this sense, for ATEC it is a privilege to be one of the companies selected to invest in the development of MCG…



The training took place at the Carregado Vocational Training Technology Center. MCG’s facilities are also located in Carregado, near Lisbon, Portugal.


17 décembre 2019

MCG wishes you a Merry Christmas

MCG wishes all its Customers, Employees, Partners, and Followers a Merry Christmas.


As 2019 to finish, we invite you to recall all the milestones overcome by MCG this year and to get to know better the most important projects of the company during the last 12 months of activity. Please see more…

…in our ‘News’ section.


For 2020 our promise is as strong as the focus we add to our daily activity as a reference in the markets in which we operate: hard work and the constant pursuit of the satisfaction of all players who trust us.


A strong wish for Happy Holidays for all…

…and a successful year of 2020!


10 décembre 2019

MCG transportation at PFP Open Days 2019

MCG was present at the PFP Open Days 2019, an event that recently brought together several Portuguese state entities and some of the world’s leading players in the railway industry.


Organized by the Portuguese Railway Platform (PFP), the event took place in Almada, at the headquarters of Infraestruturas de Portugal, and was…

…attended by the minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos.


On the second day of the event, devoted to various Pitching Sessions and a workshop on digitization, circular economies, and internationalization in the railroad areas, MCG had the opportunity to present all the recent developments of MCG transportation, the company’s business…

…division. It is growing rapidly and fully meets the needs of major world customers in the interiors for trains and buses.


Just the day before, the first day of the PFP Open Days 2019 was marked by the participation of the heads of several national and international companies around the presentation of…

…three thematic modules: “Market Context”, “Ecosystems” and “Technological Challenges”.



21 novembre 2019

MCG launches IRIS, a new R&D project in the train interior systems industry

The vision of the future of the railway industry. IRIS – Innovative Railway Interior Systems is the new Research & Development project that MCG is developing in the area of ​​train and bus interior systems.


The main objective of the IRIS project is to design, develop and facilitate the future manufacture of…

…various train interior subsystems. To this end, MCG, through the MCG transportation business division, is the leader of a consortium also composed of Famopol, Cablotec, Wiseware and Almadesign, supported by Itecons as a research center.


To meet the new challenges that rail operators will face in the future, the project aims to…

…design and develop a prototype set for four complementary train interior subsystems: side panels, roof panels, HVAC ducts and luggage racks.


These solutions will be designed and built using a research strategy entirely focused on their experimental and exploratory development, thinking of a modular architecture that facilitates assembly on OEM lines. The…

…main objectives are:

  • Reduce the cost of operation;
  • Improve passenger comfort;
  • Increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the system.


The new interior systems will have to feature an innovative and flexible design that ensures its attractiveness to train manufacturers and complements the latest developments in the sector in Portugal, which have focused…