30 octobre 2018

NewGenShell – R&D project kick-off at MCG mind for metal

As part of the activities and competencies of the MCG mind for metal R&D team, the NewGenShell project (New Generation of High Performance Shells for Climatic Chambers) project is now starting at the company’s facilities in Carregado and in partnership with Aralab and ITeCons, the other two companies that make up…

…the consortium.


The main goal of the project is researching, designing, developing, prototyping and validating a new concept of climate boxes (with isothermal enclosures) with integrated climate control modules – the NewGenShell – New Generation of High Performance Shells for Climatic Chambers.


This modular system will originate large test chambers – where a complete…

…automobile can fit, for example –, capable of generating extreme temperature conditions (-75ºC to 180ºC), relative humidity (10% to 98%) and variable ventilation.


The NewGenShell project responds to challenges posed by the automotive, aeronautics, electronics, biotechnology and refrigeration/cryogenic industries, areas that currently look for systems with these characteristics.


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…consult the complete CASE STUDY about the NewGenShell project:


High Performance Shells for Climatic Chambers


MCG mind for metal’s main responsibility in this project is the development of the structural solution – a multilayer sandwich panel –…

…as well as its mechanical and hydrothermal sizing. The other contribution of the company also goes through the development of the process of continuous automatic stainless-steel welding (internal welding).


The other two companies present in the consortium are Aralab, a manufacturer of climatic and laboratory equipment for the…

…biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets; and ITeCons, the NE entity of the SI & I dedicated to the design, development, and validation of new products and technological systems.


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