About Us

Expect Excellence.

With over 73 years of existence, MCG is a manufacturing company under contract that is dedicated to the development and production of solutions and products based on metal and other new-generation composite materials.

We present an innovative vision in product design, production, and supply chain integration. We supply products, components, and solutions to some of the largest OEM and TIER 1 manufacturers of automobiles and trains in the world, in addition to being present in other production areas.

73 Years of Experience

One of MCG’s main premises is to build a globally recognized industry that reinvests its profits in continuous progress, supported by innovation and the growth of skills.

Our culture encourages adaptability, learning, and a deep desire to be happy together.

We want to generate a social and economic impact on our local community, trying to shape it in order to achieve success.

MCG is strategically located in Carregado, a town 30 km away from Lisbon that is perfectly placed near the most important transport routes.

MCG’s industrial complex occupies 35,000 m2, organized in five manufacturing units.