Alstom RER train floors

A complete plug and play floor solution for installations on regional trains and intercities.

The processes, technologies, and teams that allow MCG transportation to give rise to a light, robust, functional floor that can be delivered in conditions that reduce the time and the degree of difficulty in installation and assembly.

A project that demonstrates MCG’s capabilities as a solution provider in the railway interior sector.

The challenge

Developing the concept and producing a new unheated floor for installation on Alstom’s new regional trains in partnership with Bombardier for SNCF, the largest French railway operator and one of the largest in Europe. The main objectives in the development of the equipment are to design a light, robust, functional floor that can be delivered in conditions that reduce the time and the degree of difficulty in installation and assembly.


MCG know-how

Portuguese materials

To ensure lightness and robustness, the developed solution is based on a composite material that combines aluminium and cork. The use of this raw material is an element of added value in the project.

Fully plug and play

The floor is supplied in plug-and-play conditions, reducing installation time in the target structures and increasing the assembly efficiency rates.

Complete system

This unheated floor system integrates elements of anti-vibration protection, as well as all the interfaces required for installation in the vehicle and also the ramps for access by users with reduced mobility.

Specialized know-how

The development of this floor system is based on the extensive experience of the MCG transportation business unit’s R&D team and on the company’s extensive production and supply capacity.

Development synergies

The guarantees of success in the production of the floors for the passenger compartment granted the production of the same amount of units intended for assembly in the driver’s compartment of the same train.

Proven experience

This is a project that demonstrates the capabilities of MCG as a solution-provider in the competitive sector of railway interiors, more specifically in the flooring market.



  • Product design
  • Product development
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Packaging and logistics
  • Quality control



  • Laser cutting and punching
  • Bending
  • Welding and assembly



EN 15085 Certified Welding

In addition, EN 15085 certified welding is one of the other specific skills that MCG applies to the railway industry, namely in HVAC structures and power transformers.


Additional information

The new floor concept developed by MCG, more specifically within the MCG transportation business unit, and produced at the company’s facilities in Carregado, is intended for integration into the new Alstom regional trains that have entered in circulation planned for 2021 around Paris and other parts of northern France.

This is a very important business for MCG, since it is the first premium project in the area of the development and production of floors of this kind, and it strongly helps to consolidate the company’s position as a supplier to the Alstom group. It is in this sense that the second award appears, composed of units intended for installation in the driver’s compartment of the same regional train produced by Alstom.