HVAC structures for Stadler FLIRT trains

New certified welding processes in large frames. Welding with EN 15085 certification is one of the key competences for MCG transportation teams to be able to produce a highly complex product like these structures for HVAC systems.

Development and production in constant collaboration with the customer and the ability to adjust the production lines in real-time.

The challenge

Produce a new structure for HVAC systems for trains that, due to their large dimensions and other special characteristics, require new processes and skills, namely welding with EN 15085 certification of larger diameter points, the combination of more complex thicknesses and increasingly rigorous positioning of the pieces.


MCG know-how

Adaptive assembly lines

Another project that demonstrates the ability of MCG transportation to transform the layouts of the assembly lines. In this case, the company doubled its capacity due to the large dimensions of the structures produced (more than three meters).

New welding requirements

As a welding specialist with EN 15085 certification, MCG transportation has the capacity to optimize production processes. For instance, the need to perform welding of larger diameter points and different thicknesses that require the acquisition of new equipment by the company.

Assembly requirement

This being a slightly different concept when compared to other HVAC structures produced by MCG transportation, the new processes demonstrate a requirement from the point of view of the positioning of the parts and the complexity of assembly.

Above-average quality

In addition to the ability to optimize new processes and equipment, MCG transportation invests in training its specialized employees, ensuring a sturdy process with a very high level of quality.

Together with the customer

Development and production according to the client’s requirements and in constant communication with the client is a key factor to guarantee the competitiveness of projects of this kind. High response speed and proactivity in integrating customer requirements.

FLIRT platform experience

With constant modifications, optimizations and improvements applied to the production processes of this type of structure for HVAC systems, MCG transportation reinforces its position with a production unit specialized in projects to integrate the manufacturer’s FLIRT trains.



  • Product design
  • Product development
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Packaging and logistics
  • Quality control



  • Laser cutting and punching
  • Bending
  • Welding and assembly



EN 15085 Certified Welding

In addition, EN 15085 certified welding is one of the other specific skills that MCG applies to the railway industry, namely in HVAC structures and power transformers.


Additional information

After the prototype unit was validated by the customer in December, the development of a new structure for HVAC systems reinforces MCG transportation as a specialist in welding processes with EN 15085 certification, while demonstrating the adaptability and time response from this division of MCG, dedicated to the production of interiors for trains and buses.

The project in question consists of the production of new housing for an HVAC system for the manufacturer Merak, which is intended for installation on the platforms of the FLIRT trains produced by Stadler Rail.

At the production level, this is a highly demanding project in terms of new processes and equipment, a fact that MCG transportation responds to by optimizing the layout of the assembly lines. Special features of the structure – such as the total dimension of over three meters, for example – also motivate the investment in new tools, while the complexity of the assembly grows.