Mobile Device Charger e-Kiosk

A solution found by MCG for a supplier of energy recharging systems for electric vehicles, responding to the need of the manufacturer has to find companies that develop the project from design to series production.

One of the best examples of collaborative engineering work and ‘turnkey’ production: development and production of a complete Mobile Device Charger e-Kiosk system.

The challenge

Develop and manufacture with the customer a complete e-Kiosk system in a “turnkey” design logic.


MCG know-how

Specialized know-how

In addition to conventional MCG industry metal fabrication technologies, from laser cutting to bending, this is a project that requires teams specialized in the integration of electrical components, with respective assembly, configuration, and testing.


The product design and production lines is a fast and balanced process thanks to MCG’s experience in this area. From the prototype approval to the completion of the first series-produced, it takes just five weeks, on average.

Collaborative engineering

The ease with which MCG engineering teams work together with the customer makes initial adjustment processes easy, with a view to maximum product quality.

Production processes

With competitive labor costs on the assembly lines and a fine-tuned supply chain system, MCG industry is able to guarantee maximum competitiveness in the production of complex products that involve different stages of development, production, and assembly.

Surface treatment

By guaranteeing the process with its own resources or by subcontracting it to trusted suppliers, the surface treatment as a determining finishing of the product is optimized according to the final quality needs.

Packaging and logistics

E-Kiosks are physically sensitive products, requiring attention with regard to packaging and accommodation engineering with a view to safe transportation. In addition, MCG’s own logistics service ensures transportation and associated processes.



  • Industrial design
  • Product development
  • Packaging and logistics
  • Quality assurance



  • Laser cutting and punching
  • Bending
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly