Pellet Stove: a turnkey solution

With top-level product development, engineering, and production teams, MCG industry managed to take just five weeks to move from prototype approval to the start of series production for this project.

In this contract to manufacture a complete line of pellet stoves for a Belgian design brand, MCG applied a process of constant collaboration with the customer from the initial sketch to the final product, offering a turn-key solution.


The challenge

Develop and manufacture a complete line of pellet stoves from the initial sketch to the final product, offering a turnkey solution and optimizing collaboration with the client to the maximum.


MCG know-how

Accelerated time to market

Just five weeks after prototype approval until series production (including design for manufacturing, dedicated assembly line, procurement, certified welding, and training).

Collaborative engineering

Project team fully available for collaborative product development, accompanied by prototyping processes and management of dynamic engineering levels with a dedicated team.

Manufacturing and assembly

A project that presents competitive labor costs, with a 15% impact on the total cost of the product. Teams of certified welders, electronic assembly for final testing.

Supply chain integration

In addition to the packaging design, which includes the guarantee of final product requirements, quality, and lot calculation for optimized transport, MCG has a storage capacity of up to 200 units, in a specified area of ​​500 m2.

Flexible storage solutions tailored to customer needs, saving warehouse costs with a 50% reduction in cost per square meter (compared to Central Europe). Distributor order linked to our supply chain (door to door delivery).


Savings on large-scale purchases, with a 10% impact on the total cost of the product, made to qualified suppliers of a wide range of multi-technology and multi-material products.



  • Product development
  • Product design
  • Logistics and packaging
  • Quality



  • Laser cutting and punching
  • Bending
  • Certified welding
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly