Robotic welding in waste containers manufacturing

The manufacturing of containers for collecting and separating waste is one of the projects in which MCG applies various robotized welding technologies, with development entirely in line with the customer’s needs.

Rui Marques

MCG Welding Engineer Coordinator

Rui Marques presents us with all the processes and resources involved in the robotized welding technology.

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Case Study
Robotic welding | MCG industry

The challenge

Optimize the production of waste containers for one of the largest customers in the MCG industry business division through the robotization of welding lines, the main process in the production of this type of solution.

MCG know-how and solutions

Technology and robotic welding

Strong investment in robotic welding lines with robots and welding machines with Super Active Wire, Touch Sensor and Arc Sensor technology. Programming offline using the Panasonic DTPS program. Collaborative robots to increase productivity, stabilize production cadence, reduce costs, and optimize human resources.

These robotized welding processes in materials allow us to work with varied raw materials as aluminum, steel and stainless steel, always with the support of cutting-edge technology and strong engineering know-how and experience.

Welding engineering

Development of welding jigs and sequencing of operations. Development, manufacture, and inspection of welded joints. Use of welding software: modeling, offline programming, process optimization, and simulation of welding cells.

Structures for large dimensions

Welding cells with positioners with a capacity of 1,000 kg and robots installed on rails four meters in length.

Dedicated customer teams

Engineering and product and process design with teams in constant contact with the customer can adjust the results to their needs. Specialized production teams with certified training.

Process integration

Ability to perform in-house all phases and processes of each project: development and manufacturing, component assembly, surface treatment, logistics management and transportation to any part of the world.

Total flexibility

With several different projects in series production, MCG industry can adjust volume variations over time, respond promptly to unforeseen extra orders, set up backup production lines and store additional stocks.


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Robotic welding in waste containers manufacturing MCG

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