Welding cell for Reinforcement – “C” Pillar

A project for the production of a set intended for integration in a platform of a high-volume car model: a Reinforcement – “C” Pillar.

The efficiency of processes and the reliability of the equipment and technologies to be used constituted a strong challenge to MCG automotive for the production of this set, with the solution to arise through the development and implementation of several integrated welding and bonding cells.

The challenge

Develop and implement welding cells and the respective processes for the production of a set to integrate the platform of a large volume model: a Reinforcement – “C” Pillar.
The perfect combination of spot welding and the application of structural adhesives using an integrated robotic cell.


MCG know-how

Advanced welding processes

Four robotic welding cells and four machines also dedicated to complementary welding processes. Spot and resistance welding processes.

Advanced software

Constant monitoring of the processes, after a pre-installation process with modeling, offline programming, process optimization and simulation of the robotic cell.

Compliance check

The entire assembly and process sequencing project is the work of the MCG teams, in a system that includes all phases of design, manufacture and 100% compliance with the final product.

High production volume

More than 360 weekly hours of operation of welding robots, in total, and more than 1,600 units produced per day, with the purpose of assembling 800 cars (forecast of 5,000 units per week until 2021).



  • Product development
  • Industrial design
  • Quality
  • Packaging and logistics



  • Stamping
  • Robotic welding
  • Robotic bonding
  • Surface treatment



  • ISO / TS 16949: 2009 – Quality Management Systems – Particular requirements for the automotive industry
  • ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality management systems