Certifications, Ratings, and ESG Policies at MCG

A comprehensive and structured set of certifications, regulations, and policies govern MCG’s activities, as well as its relationship with all stakeholders.

All these elements are properly communicated to all participants in the company’s activities, both internally and externally.

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MCG Certifications

MCG’s certifications are proof that the company meets all requirements regarding process systematization, implementation of well-defined and monitorable routines, and the formation of teams focused on continuous improvement.

MCG manages Quality following the most demanding requirements of the automotive industry, a fundamental condition for MCG to continue working with internationally renowned manufacturers.

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Ecovadis Distinction

MCG is a ‘Gold Medal’ company in the Ecovadis sustainability ranking. This distinction reflects all the work done around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and confirms that MCG is on the right track regarding its role in Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Policies and Regulations

MCG’s various policies, terms and conditions, and codes of conduct are considered integral parts of the company’s strategy, supported by various common principles.

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