MCG’s ONU ODS: Decent Work and Economic Growth

This is the UN Sustainable Development Goal that MCG pursues the most in its daily activity.

There are 17 and they are all on an equal footing regarding their importance in the future of Humanity. We are talking about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations General Assembly, which are nothing more than a collection of global goals that must be achieved by all countries in the world over the next few years toward peace and prosperity.

The SDGs cover social and economic development issues in general, including vital themes such as poverty, hunger, health, education, global warming, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, urbanization, environment, and social justice. These 17 goals are the result of decades of collaborative work
between the UN and all countries that are part of its General Assembly, having been defined and agreed upon during the creation of the 2030 Agenda
for Sustainable Development.

To identify goals

In line with its management vision based on sustainability principles, MCG believes that companies can and should also be managed considering these principles. It is up to each organization to assess and identify the goals to which it can contribute, depending on its activity and social responsibility. And,
consequently, take decisions and measures that strongly contribute to achieving these goals.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Due to our characteristics as an industry, there are several measures that MCG has already implemented for the sustainability of its business and all related environments, from environmental preservation to the support to the community in which it operates. However, to go further in identifying what our main responsibility can be, we promote action with all leadership Employees and team management positions to select the SDG in which we contribute most daily.

The results are clear and reveal that this SDG is Decent Work and Economic Growth. In this sense, MCG is proud to be able to say that it has “embraced” this goal for several decades, since, while contributing for 71 years to national and worldwide economic growth, it also strives to ensure the maximum of possible jobs, with maximum dignity and good conditions. In 2022, the importance of this Sustainable Development Goal will be reinforced
at MCG, becoming at the heart of the company’s strategy.