Health and Safety First

At MCG, Safety comes first. The Safety culture that all MCG employees contribute to building daily has led the company to achieve Certification in Occupational Health and Safety according to ISO 45001:2019.

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The Safety First strategy at MCG is based on concrete measures tailored to the company’s reality:

» Certified training for all Employees.

» Regular inspections of all production units, machinery, and equipment.

» Constant review of risk assessments for each job position (to ensure that all employees are equipped with the appropriate protective equipment for the tasks they perform daily).

» Annual recognition of teams with the best safety performance (based on audits conducted throughout the year at all job positions).

» Safety dialogues with all teams as a way to integrate safety topics into their routines.

» Consultation with all Employees on Occupational Health and Safety topics to identify new improvement points (in compliance with Article 18 of Law No. 102/2009). In 2022, among many other collected pieces of information, 93% of Employees considered that MCG fulfills its obligations in terms of Safety and Health, with suitable conditions at each workstation.

» Occupational Health Program with consultations and exams, closely monitoring the health status of its Employees.

» Constant investment in Occupational Safety and Health. Since 2018, this investment has already exceeded 1.4 million euros.

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