Sustainability at MCG

Sustainability in a company’s activity is not only related to its ecological footprint, but to the way in which daily management can contribute to the well-being of the planet, people, and society. And also generate profit.

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MCG works every day to be a productive and profitable company, that not only ensures the job of its employees and the success of its customers but also gives great importance to its social responsibility.

We want to be able to measure our actions regarding what we try to do for the well-being and happiness of the people, the preservation of the environment, the development of the community in which we operate, and the prosperity of all our stakeholders.

We want to evaluate MCG’s impact at all levels and invest time and money to make it as positive as possible. We believe that it is (also) up to companies to take advantage of the resources, capabilities, and processes they have at their disposal to act with labor, social and environmental responsibility.

And that this type of management brings new business opportunities, continuous improvement at all levels, an important promotion for our brand and a strong contribution to national and world economic growth.

Because that’s how we create value with all MCG’s stakeholders, considering their needs in our management and strategy definition processes. These, and especially our current and potential customers, are not only looking for quality products and services, but they also want to work with entities that make a difference in terms of sustainability.

And MCG wants to be one of those entities. Always, at all times.

Because sustainability ‘sells’?

We don’t want to show the world what we’re good at and hide what’s less positive about MCG; we do want to keep all these factors in mind in our management and work to make the company an organization that contributes to the prosperity of all those who relate to it every day.

For over 72 years, MCG has had a clear purpose in its local, national, and international activity: in addition to wanting to generate money by satisfying its customers, it wants to do good. Because MCG’s activity only makes sense if people and the world are doing well.