MCG Employees review the Volkswagen T-Roc! | MCG Experiences

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Coming in direct contact with the car whose components they produce daily, and visiting the Volkswagen Autoeuropa factory where it is assembled. A day that will hardly be forgotten by all the four MCG Automotive Employees involved in this initiative.



When someone’s daily work is related to producing a component for a car, it only makes sense for that person to have practical knowledge of the vehicle, right?

It was precisely this type of contact that MCG wanted to promote by inviting some of its Employees to be in direct contact with the final product to which they contribute every day!

MCG Employees review the Volkswagen T-Roc! | MCG Experiences MCG

Reunimos quatro colaboradores MCG Automotive envolvidos nos processos de produção de componentes para o Volkswagen T-Roc e deixámos ao seu cuidado dois “exemplares” deste automóvel da marca alemã.

We gathered four MCG Automotive employees involved in the production processes of components for the Volkswagen T-Roc and entrusted them with two samples of this German-made vehicle. Everyone spent some time appreciating the cars and then took their rightful places inside them.

MCG Employees review the Volkswagen T-Roc! | MCG Experiences MCG

Then the adventure began, starting with the driving experience, the most authentic way to engage with a vehicle. The destination? The Volkswagen Autoeuropa factory in Palmela, and to everyone’s surprise: visiting the production and assembly lines of the Volkswagen T-Roc!

Driving experience

The journey to Palmela was not exactly a race between the two Volkswagen T-Rocs we had the opportunity to try out, but it left everyone quite excited about how the car performs. Comfort, refinement, technology, and great sensations behind the wheel – all agreed that this is one of the best cars in its segment.

Along the way, curiosity arose about where we find the components produced by MCG in the car’s structure. Several pieces are involved, but the main component is a set of metal parts located at the rear of the vehicle, connecting both rear pillars of the body.

In terms of production, these components start with a stamping process in a 3,300-ton press, followed by structural bonding in robotic cells and the respective quality procedures.

At Volkswagen Autoeuropa

What happens when the parts leave MCG and head to the Volkswagen Autoeuropa factory? That’s exactly what we discovered next, with a guided tour of the assembly lines at the production facility in Palmela, Portugal.

Accompanied by our hosts, Catarina Ribeiro, Metal & Powertrain Coordinator at Volkswagen Autoeuropa, and Fernando Correia, Quality Assurance Buy-Parts, we witnessed the enthusiasm of MCG employees as they not only saw how a car is assembled up close, but also understood how the parts made at MCG fit perfectly into the processes and the final product. It was a fantastic experience…


MCG Automotive Employees who reviewed the T-Roc

Nuno Silva – Stamping

Célia Jordão – Welding

Pedro Carvalho – Commercial Director

Marta Santos – Quality

Tiago Rocha – Supply Chain


MCG under the perspective of Volkswagen Autoeuropa

Catarina RibeiroMetal & Powertrain Coordinator Volkswagen Autoeuropa

“MCG has been one of our suppliers for 25 years. This partnership has evolved into a more familiar and trusting relationship, even involving some teamwork, making us confident in the product delivered by MCG. We believe this ongoing relationship can open doors to other projects, and we feel very comfortable knowing we can always rely on working with MCG.”

Fernando Correia – Quality Assurance Buy-Parts Volkswagen Autoeuropa

“I have been working with MCG since the early days of our first project together, the Volkswagen Sharan, in 2000. This relationship has been very much like a family, despite having its ups and downs as is common in any relationship. I hope the new car project we are launching will once again foster a strong partnership with MCG, and we will have many components to collaborate on.”



MCG extends its thanks to Volkswagen Autoeuropa for the warm and always available way how the MCG Automotive team was received during the visit. Similarly, MCG would like to thank SIVA, SA, the importer, and distributor of Volkswagen in Portugal, for loaning us the cars that allowed us to give MCG Employees this enjoyable day. Thank you very much.