MCG in the Portuguese National Automotive Sector Decarbonization Roadmap

MCG is one of the 20 companies representing various subsectors of the national automotive industry that make up the new National Automotive Sector Decarbonization Roadmap, a project led by Mobinov and supported by the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan, and the European Next Generation EU Funds.

Project ‘sobjective: To assist the automotive sector in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050!

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With an official presentation scheduled for December and work set to begin in early 2024, this initiative aims to strengthen the automotive sector’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The project aims to establish ambitious carbon emissions reduction targets while simultaneously driving the adoption of sustainable practices throughout the value chain. A characterization of the carbon emissions status quo of each company involved in the project will be conducted, from which suggestions will be defined to help the entire sector reduce its carbon footprint.

As global warming and climate change become increasingly urgent, the automotive industry faces significant challenges. The transition to a low-carbon economy is essential to mitigate risks and ensure the sector’s long-term sustainability.

The pursuit of energy efficiency, the adoption of clean technologies, investment in renewable energy production systems, and the promotion of the circular economy will be crucial in this challenge. Therefore, the National Automotive Sector Decarbonization Roadmap may result in a mapping that guides the sector in transitioning towards a more sustainable future with reduced environmental impact from operations.

MCG integra Roteiro de Descarbonização do Sector Automóvel Nacional MCG