António Baptista: ‘MCG’s strategic vision for innovation stands out clearly’

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António Baptista, Project Manager and Senior Researcher at INEGI, tells us about the constant collaboration between MCG and this institute in the context of various R&D projects.


INEGI – Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering is a Portuguese Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) founded in 1986 and focused on research and technology-based innovation activities, technology transfer, consulting, and technological services.

António Baptista, Senior Researcher at INEGI, is one of the people responsible for the relations that this Institute has with MCG within the scope of several research and development projects. These collaborations “were always very aligned and very constructive”, he says.

How do you see MCG as a company operating in the Portuguese industrial scene for more than 71 years?

I have known MCG for about 20 years and have always considered it as a reference company in these industrial areas. In recent years, as a result of the direct contact I had with the MCG teams in different Portuguese and European projects, I have noticed a great evolution of the company, diversifying business and looking for a greater added value in its activity and offer.

It is remarkable how it went from being “just” a stamped components company to delivering complex systems for the railway industry, for example, or even in renewable energies.

António Baptista: 'MCG's strategic vision for innovation stands out clearly' MCG

How is the dynamic between the MCG and INEGI teams?

In the two projects in which we collaborated recently, the interaction between teams was always very aligned and very constructive, and I appreciated the very interested and ambitious way that MCG has taken the lead in the projects under its responsibility.

MCG’s strategic vision of innovation stands out clearly, for example in the clear and systematized way in which it presents its objectives, and in putting the effort of its teams to properly seize opportunities for innovation and project results.

What stands out the most in the work of MCG’s R&D teams?

There are several skills and qualities that I was happy to find in the projects. Especially the strategic vision of MCG’s R&D and innovation coordination, which acts as a clear enabler for the constant modernization of the company, to be state-of-the-art (or above it) in technologies, solutions, and methodologies.

In terms of technical training, I never had difficulties in the projects I was involved in, with the MCG teams responding very well to the challenges and tasks and showing a great desire to know more and improve their qualifications based on the know-how of R&D projects.

António Baptista: 'MCG's strategic vision for innovation stands out clearly' MCG

Which project stands out within the scope of this joint work? 

I had the pleasure of collaborating with MCG on large-scale and ambitious projects, such as the SHIP and MAESTRI projects, for example. But I highlight
the European MAESTRI project, led by ISQ. The challenge was high, and INEGI was responsible for coordinating the R&D of the implementation of the

The testing and validation of the methodologies created were largely achieved, and we already have joint plans (in ongoing applications) to deepen even more these results, taking them to the production environment (TRL 7-8) and expanding the demonstration areas.

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