José Rui Marcelino: ‘MCG teams play a decisive role in every project.’

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Almadesign’s CEO talks to us about the mutual trust and good dynamics that exist between the two companies in all the R&D projects they are part of.


Almadesign is an internationally renowned company in product design and one of the assiduous partners in R&D projects of which MCG is a part. José Rui Marcelino, CEO of Almadesign, highlights the way design and engineering are related in a fluid and efficient way in this teamwork.

How are the dynamics between the MCG and Almadesign teams in the projects the companies work together on?

The relationship between the Employees of both the companies is very dynamic and close, not least because we already have a history of collaboration on many projects. And the two areas – design and engineering – collaborate smoothly and efficiently. In these projects, a combination of different skills is required, and our teams have shown that they know how to complement each other perfectly.

José Rui Marcelino: ‘MCG teams play a decisive role in every project.’ MCG

Almadesign teamwork.

What are the main skills that you recognize in MCG’s R&D teams?

Almadesign has been collaborating with the MCG team since 2015. We have been developing a relationship of mutual trust and we believe that the MCG team and its leadership are fundamental in promoting the R&D projects in which we have participated together. In collaborative projects, it is essential to have someone “leading the way” and the MCG team has played a decisive role in the various projects in which we collaborate on areas such as the railway and aeronautics.

What are the main contributions of R&D projects to the activity of companies such MCG and Almadesign? 

Participation in projects in different sectors such as roadway, railway or aeronautics results in what we like to call “cross pollination”, in which the knowledge acquired in different materials, processes and technologies is transferred between the sectors. The R&D projects, in addition to allowing collaboration between companies, also promote an effective technology transfer, allowing to open doors in new markets with innovative products and services.

José Rui Marcelino: ‘MCG teams play a decisive role in every project.’ MCG

Among the projects in which both companies collaborated, which ones do you highlight?

We like to refer to the Modseat R&D project as an example of success, in which a railway bench with innovative features was developed. This project was presented at the largest Fair in the sector, InnoTrans 2018 with excellent results. The renovation project of the Alfa Pendular trains for EMEF and CP is also a project that we are very proud of, with a clear improvement in service and comfort for the thousands of passengers using this means of transport. The IRIS project is currently underway, also in the railway area, which proposes innovative solutions for the interior of suburban coaches.