MCG is part of the consortium of the NGS – New Generation Storage project

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Developing a new technological ecosystem in the field of batteries that will elevate the Portuguese national industry in the global market: this is the primary objective of NGS, a new R&D project in which MCG plays an active role.


MCG is one of the 47 companies and entities that constitute the NGS – New Generation Storage project, an innovation pact that is developing a revolutionary mass production model for components, packs, and recycling of vehicle batteries.

The goal is to create an energy storage concept in the field of BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems), essential solutions to balance the demand and supply of energy and promote the stability of the electrical grid.

In this technological framework, MCG is the company responsible for the design and prototyping of the enclosures that will house these new battery systems.

Structured in eight Work Packages, the related tasks include the development of various subsystems:

  • The cabinet for the energy storage system, including its thermal control (heating and cooling), a task that falls under the responsibility of MCG;
  • Power electronics for network interface and its local control;
  • Storage management and integration into the energy system.

In progress since 2022, the project commences this year with the prototyping of the cabinet and thermal systems, and the final demonstrator is scheduled to undergo operational testing in the second half of 2025.

NGS – New Generation Storage is a project that aligns with the European Union’s energy transition strategy until 2040 and the challenge for complete electrification of mobility by 2035, funded through the Next Generation EU program and the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan.

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MCG is part of the consortium of the NGS – New Generation Storage project MCG