MCG – Manuel da Conceição Graça, Lda marks 74 years of activity

MCG News

On March 30, 1950, Manuel da Conceição Graça officially began his professional activity, marking the founding moment of MCG – Manuel da Conceição Graça, Lda.

Today, MCG has over 500 employees, serves over 100 clients worldwide, and continues expanding its three business units with production facilities in Carregado and Ponte de Sor, Portugal.

With solid foundations in familiar management, a strong commitment to people, and a policy of continuous improvement, MCG has maintained a growing business activity for over seven decades, working every day to ensure an equally prosperous future.

Celebrating its 74 years of existence today, MCG would like all its Employees, Customers, Suppliers, and Partners to get to know the company and its activities better. Therefore, here’s the invitation to:

The main values of MCG will continue to be:

  • Promote Safety First – Total priority to preventing accidents and promoting everyone’s health.
  • Learn to Evolve – It’s an unshakable truth we believe is the key to continuous progress in life and business.
  • Improve What You Do – Our non-conformist vein that promotes doing everything with the least possible consumption of resources.
  • Challenge Yourself – A “cry” to free ourselves from unfounded fears that limit us and bind us to old beliefs that only immobilize us and take away our joy of living.
  • Develop Good Relationships – It is the “meaning” of the other, knowing that we will be nothing alone and that healthy relationships are the key to happiness.

Congratulations, MCG!