Sustainability: manage the present, prepare the future…

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MCG believes that companies can and should also be managed with the help of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN, identifying the goals to which they can contribute based on their activity and social responsibility.

The 17 SDGs are the result of decades of work between the UN and all countries in the General Assembly of this organization, presenting themselves on equal regarding their importance in the future of Humanity. On a different scale, the contribution to its pursuit is also decisive for the future of any company.

Sustainability: manage the present, prepare the future… MCG

Consequently, companies must move forward with decisions and measures that strongly contribute to achieving these goals.

Decent work and economic growth

Due to the characteristics of MCG as a manufacturing industry, there are several measures that MCG has already implemented related to the sustainability of its business and related to other aspects such as preserving the environment, reducing its carbon footprint, and supporting the community, for example.

Sustainability: manage the present, prepare the future… MCG

Additionally, MCG is proud to say that it has been contributing to the Decent Work and Economic Growth goal for several decades. The company has been helping to foster national and global economic growth for 71 years, based on management that guarantees the maximum number of jobs possible during its activity, with maximum dignity and good conditions.

Today, with 71 years of history, we are proud to do (and have always done) our part in the pursuit of these important goals. It is in our hands to sustain our future…

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