Daily Kaizen program at MCG: work optimized


The Daily Kaizen project and the respective audits help the evolution of processes and work of all Employees involved in MCG production projects.


Daily Kaizen project actions continue to help optimize processes in MCG Automotive manufacturing lines, with outstanding involvement from all the Employees and a considerable increase in productivity.

An external Kaizen Institute team conducts periodic audits of manufacturing employees and team leaders to help them understand where their difficulties lie and to help them grow and evolve.

This is a key point in this project and something that also happens through internal Kamishibai audits regarding the functioning and management of the Daily Kaizen Boards, an action implemented with the help of an MCG digital platform.

The same tool gives equal support in creating Shift Reports, which can now be done on the smartphone, without wasting time going to the office computer.

The aim is to help those responsible for the area to carry out the shift change without fail and in the most fluid way possible.

On the other hand, the project Mission Control Room has gained new routines, with all manufacturing indicators being analyzed daily and adjusted in weekly meetings.

The focus is on redefining and standardizing work processes and methods, as the creation of routines makes it easier to perform all tasks.

29 MCG teams in 5S workstation audits on the Daily Kaizen project.