Dr. Clotilde Dimas: ‘MCG has been very committed to maintain the health of its Employees.’

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Dra. Clotilde Dimas shares the experiences of being the family doctor who has provided healthcare service to all MCG Employees for over 21 years.




In addition to what is provided for by law in terms of Medicine and Occupational Health support, there’s at MCG medical support that greatly assists all Employees and how they access services and health care.

We are talking about the family doctor consultations that MCG provides (at no cost) and that allow Employees to save time and money on medical acts that would otherwise have to be received in the National Health System or in the private sector.

Dr. Clotilde Dimas: ‘MCG has been very committed to maintain the health of its Employees.’ MCG

Dr. Clotilde Dimas has been the doctor in charge of this medical care for more than 21 years. A job she does with great professionalism, happiness, and high concern for the well-being of everyone.

We recently met at MCG with Dra. Clotilde. Among consultations and much appreciation shown by the Employees, we got to know a little about their “history” at MCG…

MCG: We would like to thank you on behalf of the company for your dedication throughout all these years at MCG. How did this work at MCG contribute to your professional evolution?

Dr. Clotilde Dimas: This work has always been a great challenge. Mainly because of the “special” characteristics that make it resemble the management of a small “health center” within the MCG, with autonomy and provision of care in a very close environment. And by the continuity in providing consultations for over 21 years…

By nature, and training, I like to evolve and respond to the demands that the current practice of Medicine requires and, so, this journey has been very rewarding.

Do you feel that during these years you were able to effectively help MCG Employees to improve their health and well-being?

Undoubtedly. I believe that a relevant medical care service has been provided, both curative and health education, an aspect to which I have always devoted a lot of attention.

How do you notice the “willingness” of people over the years of working at MCG?

People are now much more aware of their health condition and more demanding in terms of the answers they receive. On the other hand, they express satisfaction with the regularity and accessibility of the clinical care provided here.

How have you seen MCG evolve with regard to health and well-fare support provided to Employees?

The company has been very committed to maintaining this unit (of curative medicine), as well as to the implementation of Occupational Medicine and the Health and Safety at Work service. An attitude and position that translate a global and attentive view of the care provided to its Employees.

How do you see MCG as a company that employs dozens of people in the region?

Since the pioneering spirit of Mr. Manuel da Conceição Graça [founder of MCG], with his bold and inspired vision, until today, MCG is an example of progress in the region and future projection. Especially for its technological innovations, suited to the new times.

My thanks to Dr. Isabel Medeiros for her unconditional support and to D. Ema Simões for her invaluable collaboration.

Dr. Clotilde Dimas


More health and well-being at MCG

Supporting all Employees regarding monitoring and improving their health and well-being is a priority for MCG.

Dr. Clotilde Dimas: ‘MCG has been very committed to maintain the health of its Employees.’ MCG

Here’s some of the company’s initiatives in this regard (in addition to the Occupational Health Program and all the normal follow-ups on occupational medicine checks as foreseen by the labour laws in Portugal):

  • A family doctor provides personalized support to all Employees.
  • Free availability of the flu vaccine to all interested Employees.
  • Annual health screenings are promoted at MCG.
  • MCG Health Insurance (granted free of charge to all persons with more than one year of association with the company).
  • Complete and free screening for breast cancer to all interested MCG ladies.
  • Nutritionist consultations for all Employees.
  • Other advantages are available through protocols established with local health and well-being entities, clinics doctors to gyms.
  • Annual Blood Collection Campaign (in partnership with the Portuguese Institute for Blood and Transplantation).