Hi-Rev Project: Follow-up meeting at MCG


MCG has recently hosted several companies that are part of the Hi-Rev project consortium to review the progress of the project and help to define its future steps. The event also provided an opportunity for several members of the consortium to become acquainted with MCG.

The Hi-Rev project activities are divided into several Work Packages, which segment the project by typology. MCG is actively participating in Work Packages 2 and 4, contributing, among other aspects, with its strong know-how in engineering and production.

The Hi-Rev consortium members present at this meeting at MCG were António Cruz, José Manuel, and Pedro Rodrigues (PECOL), Jaime Rodrigues (RETSACOAT), Joaquim Mendes and Manuel Valente (SLM), Rui Silva, João Peixoto, and Ana Reis (INEGI), Manuel Vieira (FEUP), Pedro Tavares (SARKKIS), Luis Rocha (INESCTEC), and Nuno Ferreira and Vitor Pereira (MCG).

The Hi-Rev project consists of a mobilizing agenda composed of 22 companies, entities, and associations that aim to help industries that produce components for combustion vehicles make the transition to producing components for electric vehicles. The project seeks to develop, test, and demonstrate a new generation of technologies, processes, and products that allow for a new positioning of the national automotive cluster in the global value chains of the car of the future.

The Hi-Rev project is supported by the Recuperar Portugal program.

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Hi-Rev Project: Follow-up meeting at MCG MCG