MCG at Academia Meets Auto-Industry event: the company’s proactive reaction to the growing challenges in the automotive industry

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MCG was present at the Academia Meets Auto-Industry, an event that took place recently at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, and brought together several car manufacturers, component manufacturers and other entities related to the sector.

The main objective was to share knowledge and present solutions within the scope of the latest challenges facing the automobile cluster, among them the electrification of propulsion systems, robotization and the digitization of processes. All of which involves Industry 4.0, as well as future trends in materials and related processes.

In the voice of Carlos Saraiva, New Business Development Director, MCG participated actively in the segment “Materials and Processes: Industry Drivers and R&D Needs”. The focus was on the theme “New Materials are Shaping the Future of the Auto-Industry”, highlighting the current developments in materials and processing technologies, as well as how companies should adjust to this development.

“These events are important mechanisms for networking with other relevant companies and for benchmarking the best practices of entities within this changing industrial context”, says Carlos Saraiva, explaining that “MCG is reacting proactively in several aspects addressed, giving attention and implementing actions within the scope of Industry 4.0, strategies of digitization and robotization “.

As shown at the event, MCG is also aware of the latest materials involved in automotive construction and its transformation technologies. At the same time, the company maintains proximity to customer development teams to participate in the development of products, creating effective partnerships that can give rise to new solutions, namely materials to be used in the future and respective processing technologies, joining and surface treatments. Good examples of this are the various projects developed in the company’s R&D department, namely the Latch 1, Latch 2, Ultraforming, SLM-XL and Maestri projects, for example.

Briefly, MCG gave the reasons that justify the search for new materials for this industry (environmental, safety, comfort and other related costs issues), showed some of the materials used today and also explained how companies must adapt to this changing future.

Among other conclusions, there are fundamental ideas to be faced with the future of the automotive industry, in which companies must reflect:

  • All Supply Chain companies, as well as automotive manufacturers, should work together to meet this challenge and to follow up on this evolution.
  • The specific qualifications and expertise of Technical Staff, Engineers, and Business Developers will be more than ever a key point in the company’s strategy.
  • The connection to the Customer Engineering Departments, during the sales process, is fundamental to the participation in the development of the products, in order to influence them in accordance with the common objectives.
  • Procurement and/or Procurement Departments will play a fundamental role in the strategic positioning of companies in order to promote sources of supply and/or partnerships applicable to strategic implementation.
  • Companies must be constantly evaluated in production processes and technologies in order to be able to invest correctly.
  • Production processes will have to adapt to a large number of different materials.

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MCG at Academia Meets Auto-Industry event: the company's proactive reaction to the growing challenges in the automotive industry MCG