Investing in technology, people, and processes

MCG automotive

Continuous investments in technology, processes, and skilled Employees continue to result in a strong relationship with some of the world’s largest automotive component manufacturers.



Reinforcing the project-allocated teams, redesigning the factory layout, and the addition of several robotic welding cells to the production lines: these and other factors are decisive and allow MCG Automotive to respond to its customer’s demands.

Producing components for assemblies and systems that guarantee the safe functioning of a car brings added responsibilities, so nothing can fail in the development of each part, in its production, in quality control, and in several other aspects.

From engineering to industrialization to production, MCG Automotive teams go above and beyond to ensure zero failure during the part’s design, production, quality control, and other manufacturing-related processes while precisely adhering to stringent quality and safety parameters required by each customer.

The integrated processes and technologies include stamping, robotic welding, element crimping, and electrocoating.

This combination of factors means that MCG is currently able to increase production volumes in response to customer requests and even create conditions so that this production can grow even further over the coming years.