MCG is part of the group of companies driving the Hi-rEV project

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Preparing the automotive industry for the future. This is the main logic behind Hi-rEV, the latest research and development project with the participation of MCG Automotive.

The Hi-rEV is a mobilizing agenda for the development, testing, and demonstration of a new generation of technologies, processes, and products that will enable a new positioning of the national automotive cluster in the global value chains of the car of the future:

  • The “green” transition of the automotive components sector;
  • The digital transformation of the production system;
  • Economic resilience in general, more specifically, building the skills to find the processes and products that will be the vehicle of the future.

MCG Automotive’s R&D activity is prepared to contribute by sharing knowledge in projects and with solid engineering and production know-how to help drive the transition that has to happen in the automotive sector worldwide.

This contribution will be focused on the areas of development of new metallic components, new tools, and new solutions for smart factories, three of the main areas of the project.

The main goal is to demonstrate how it can obtain equally positive results while reducing the resources consumed: 18% less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, 10% more use of recycled materials and at least 10% renewable energies applied in the process.

This project represents an investment of €50M for digital and energy transformation that will generate +€163M in business volume, 154 new jobs, of which 35% are highly qualified labor, and €180M in gross added value.

The agenda associated with Hi-rEV was one of the first 13 contracts of the Mobilizing Agendas for Business Innovation, under the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), which was signed on 23 July, in Lisbon.

The official presentation event of the Hi-rEV Project – Recovery of the Automotive Components Sector – takes place on January 18, 2023, with the presence of MCG. Engineer Carlos Saraiva, MCG Automotive General Manager, speaks about digitization in the automotive components industry: robotization, automation, machine learning…

The complete information and objectives of this project can be consulted:

MCG is part of the group of companies driving the Hi-rEV project MCG