‘MCG is well-positioned to manage future challenges’

MCG industry

Among other processes, electrical and electronic assembly is one of the most important expertise in several projects developed by the MCG Industry teams, including machines for casinos manufacturing. But the company that works with MCG on this project finds other differentiating points in this long relationship.

CountR does not dispense MCG’s support in the development of engineering solutions, which has allowed the company to innovate and differentiate itself in its segment. By recently securing a new contract for the supply of one of its models of handling machines and cash management for casinos, CountR appealed to MCG’s previous experience to start manufacturing the new premium product in that manufacturer’s line.

MCG industry has been on the side of CountR from the beginning, mainly in terms of increasing production capacity whenever necessary, providing a timely response to high volumes of deliveries even when it becomes necessary to work on more than one project simultaneously. A matter of experience and rigor.

'MCG is well-positioned to manage future challenges' MCG

Successful projects

“MCG is well-positioned to manage future challenges”, says Dominik Winau, CEO of CountR, who has had an excellent commercial and industrial relationship with MCG for several years.

CountR recognizes that the most important is the “good working relationship in all aspects with the sales, management and production teams”. “The focus is always on resolving issues to the benefit of all parties involved and all MCG team members are very skilled professionals, which is not standard in the industry anymore”.

'MCG is well-positioned to manage future challenges' MCG

Three other ideas we can highlight in our conversation with Dominik Winau, CEO of CountR:

How important is MCG to CountR current business?

MCG is a strategic partner for CountR. We are sourcing one of our high-running products at MCG and the company is always able to produce the volumes we request. MCG can also follow the strong variations of CountR’s clients’ needs.

Which is the CountR project MCG’s contribution has been most important to date?

MCG is manufacturing one product for CountR for several years. Now, with a major increase in customers and volume on a different product, MCG was willing to take on the task to get the adaptation and ramp up production within a few months, supplying higher volumes than ever before. This project is still in progress, and we hope it will take the MCG – CountR relationship to the next level.

In the context of the European economy, how do you see MCG as a company/industry in such a demanding segment like this one?

We believe the future of businesses in the changing world mostly depends on companies being able to adapt to changing circumstances. We see MCG well-positioned with its workforce and equipment to manage future challenges, being a supplier that delivers quality products at a competitive cost. The products MCG manufactures for us are shipping into the entire world. So, MCG is not only a European player, the company also effectively has a worldwide footprint.