PRODUTECH Project: 1st Field Session at MCG

MCG industry

MCG recently hosted the 1st Field Session of the PRODUTECH project, in which MCG is one of the demonstrating companies, along with partners INEGI, ISQ, IST, and MicroProcessador.

As part of one of the Mobilizing Agendas of the Qualification Program for Resilience, Growth, and Innovation, the PRODUTECH project aims at optimizing resource efficiency.

MCG participates in demonstrating Integrated Digitalization Solutions and Circular and Digital Transformation Strategies.

During this 1st Field Session, a visit was made to MCG’s production units where the project will be developed, particularly the factories that accommodate the activities of MCG Industry and MCG Transportation business areas.

This meeting also helped to define the Pilot Architecture of the project, which has a strong focus on the digitalization processes of these MCG production units.

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PRODUTECH Project: 1st Field Session at MCG MCG