MCG – Manuel da Conceição Graça, Lda: 73 years of activity


MCG marks 73 years of activity today. Manuel da Conceição Graça, the founder of MCG, recorded the start of the company’s activity, which we know today, on March 30th, 1950.

Maintaining a growing business activity for more than seven decades is a challenge that few organizations can achieve and requires solid foundations, among other elements.

At MCG, one of these pillars of success is people, the MCG Employees. The current ones, those who passed through the company in the past, and the future ones.

A company in which each person counts.

Today, more than ever, in addition to maintaining sustainable activity, MCG invests and works every day to ensure that its Employees enjoy good health and well-being:

  • Safety First: the safety of all MCG employees is the most valuable asset and the company’s top priority.
  • MCG Health: providing health insurance to all employees with more than one year of contract with the company.
  • MCG Family Doctor: free access to consultations and support for family medicine. Nutritional and other specialty consultations.
  • Investment in human potential: support for study and training tailored to each employee.
  • Well-being, sports, and leisure activities: free access to sports and leisure events. Protocols and partnerships with external entities.
  • Ecovadis Gold Medal: recognition of sustainable corporate activity.
  • MCG Stories videos: In each person, a story. Employees explain what it means for them to work at MCG.

Because MCG’s activity only makes sense if people are doing well.

MCG - Manuel da Conceição Graça, Lda: 73 years of activity MCG