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World Day for Safety and Health at Work


In 2023, the culture of Safety that all MCG Employees help build daily has led the company to obtain Certification in Occupational Health and Safety according to the ISO 45001:2019 standard.

But this certification is just another step towards the one that is always the company’s biggest goal: to ensure the Safety and Well-Being of all our people.

On World Day for Safety and Health at Work, today celebrated worldwide, MCG thanks and congratulates all its Employees for making us all feel better and safer while working at MCG.

At MCG, 2023 will focus on training in Occupational Health and Safety. After the ‘Lifesaver’ training with all Employees (general safety instructions), the company is now forming and training new rescue teams and planning several other training sessions on subjects related to Occupational Health and Safety.


MCG Safety First

The Safety First strategy at MCG relies on concrete measures that follow the reality of the company:

  • Certified training for all Employees.
  • Regular inspections of all manufacturing units, machines, and equipment.
  • Regular review of risk assessments for each job position (to ensure that all Employees have the appropriate protective equipment for the tasks they perform daily).
  • Annual recognition of teams with the best Safety performance (based on audits conducted throughout the year in all job positions).
  • Safety Dialogues with teams as a way of integrating safety topics into their routines.
  • Consultation with all Employees on Safety and Health at Work topics to identify new improvement points (and in compliance with Article 18 of Law No. 102/2009). In 2022, among many other collected pieces of information, 93% of employees considered that MCG complies with its obligations in terms of Safety and Health, with adequate conditions at each job position.
  • Occupational Health Program with consultations and exams, closely monitoring the health status of its Employees.
  • Regular investment in Safety and Health at Work. Since 2018, this investment has already exceeded 1.4 million euros.


World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2023

MCG thanks its Employees every day for the active and conscientious way in which they approach their own Safety and the Safety of those around them.

MCG also annually marks World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28th..

World Day for Safety and Health at Work at the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work


MCG achieves ISO 45001:2019 Occupational Health and Safety Certification

A certification that covers the activity and production units of all MCG business divisions – MCG Automotive, MCG Industry, and MCG Transportation –, and also includes the recently established factory in Ponte de Sôr.

More information about the ISO 45001:2019 Certification


‘MCG has the top of the organization focused on Safety.”

An observation of Ludgero Feiteira, MCG’s partner in Safety matters, who tells us about the strong evolution of the company in recent years:

The full interview with Ludgero Feiteira