MCG Transportation teams obtain DIN 6701 Class A2 certification

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MCG Transportation’s train and bus floor manufacturing teams have completed the external audit for DIN 6701 Class A2 certification.

This is a standard that proves and guarantees quality in adhesive bonding processes specifically for the development, design, and maintenance of equipment for the railway industry.

This way MCG becomes the first Portuguese company to present this quality certification in the work carried out on all its MCG Transportation projects, integrating a restricted batch of only 23 companies in the Iberian Peninsula.

This process included several actions, including the EAS European Adhesive Specialist certification to the MCG Industry and Transportation Engineering Director, Filipe Cruz. In the same way, the remaining elements of the teams were also certified in the DVS/EWF – European Adhesive Bonder role. 

DIN 6701 is a German international recognition that took effect in 2006 in response to an increasing number of damage events in the welding and adhesive bonding process associated with the rail industry. It has been revised every year and is an up-to-date standard of reference on an international scale, certifying quality assurance, safety, and high security.

Currently, all railway manufacturers require adhesive bonding to be designed and executed according to DIN 6701, regardless of whether the adhesive is applied within the production plant or by a supplier.

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